Tame Your Wild and Wiry Beard With the 9 Best Beard Oils

The 9 Best Beard Oils to
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Having an itchy face comes with the territory when you have a beard. But adding a leave-in beard oil to your post-shower routine can condition coarse beard hairs and nourish the skin underneath to relieve itch for all-day comfort. Natural oils like argan and jojoba work to soften the hairs on your face, soothe dry skin and promote beard growth, not to mention leave you with a nice shine. Some beard oil brands also add scented essential oils into the mix for that extra pop as well as antioxidants like Vitamin E to help protect skin cells.

As with any product, the best beard oil is the one that fits your needs. We evaluated over two dozen of the best beard oils to help narrow down the options for you. Below, you’ll find our nine top picks. Whatever you need, whether you’re looking for an affordable daily beard oil, a masculine-smelling cedarwood oil, or something completely free of chemicals, you can find the best beard oil for your grooming needs here.

For ease of use, all of these options come with a dropper or spray pump to make going from scraggly to smooth as easy as possible.


1. Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil


The best beard oil overall should offer a good value, use natural ingredients and do what it claims to do. Honest Amish’s unscented Classic Beard Oil hits all three of those marks. Argan, jojoba and six other natural, organic essential oils combine to condition beard hair and soften skin, and you get 2 ounces of oil to work with. Overall, this is an excellent, no-fuss beard oil for a great price. Honest Amish stands by it enough to offer a full refund for returns, so this pick offers no risk to try out and will work great for most beards. If you want to make daily beard grooming a breeze, add this beard oil to your daily routine.

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2. Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil


If natural musk isn’t your thing, a beard oil with fragrance could be the changeup you need. Mountaineer Brand offers multiple scented oils with no artificial fragrances, and at a great price point for 2 ounces. This beard oil formula doesn’t incorporate any argan oil, which is one of the best and costlier ingredients, but grapeseed, almond and castor oils will work to keep your skin comfortable. If you really dig this oil, Mountaineer Brand also offers other complementary products like beard balms and washes as well as an unscented oil.


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3. MARLOWE. Beard Oil Conditioner for Men


MARLOWE products show up often on our lists of the best men’s grooming products, from exfoliating soap bars to men’s body lotion. Marlowe’s beard oil conditioner made our top three because it effectively hydrates your facial hair and skin using a blend of natural oils. Plus, it’s paraben and phthalate-free. However, that’s not the only reason this product made the cut. MARLOWE is also one of the few producers to offer beard oil in a 3-ounce bottle, so it offers a ton of oil for its price point. If you want to buy once and forget about having to buy again, Marlowe’s beard oil offers conditioning and convenience.

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4. Shea Moisture Beard Conditioning Oil


Shea Moisture’s beard conditioning oil was the best value we could find. Packed in a 3.2-ounce bottle with shea butter, maracuja oil and Vitamins A, E and F, this unscented oil costs less than $3 per ounce. The most unusual thing about this oil is the use of shea butter, which is not a common ingredient found in beard oils. Thanks to this extra ingredient, this product provides extra benefits for the dry skin beneath your beard.

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5. Beard Reverence Citrus Beard Oil Leave-in Conditioner


If you want scented oils at the best price point, you can’t beat Beard Reverence. There’s a reason that 80 percent of the oil’s Amazon reviews were five stars. This formula doesn’t skip out on the good essential oils and even includes aloe leaf juice for a little extra soothing power. With this oil, you’ll smell great, tame your beard and you won’t break the bank at under $5 per ounce.

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6. Northern Fir Beard Oil


Northern Fir’s made in the USA beard oil costs more per ounce than most alternatives because the company’s formulation uses unrefined argan and jojoba oils. Unprocessed oils cost more, but they can retain more nutrients for healthy skin. So this beard oil might cost you a bit more, but it’ll hydrate your skin and soften even the gnarliest of beards. And with essential oils from cedarwood, sandalwood, juniper berry and black pepper, you’ll smell great too.

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7. ArtNaturals Beard Oil Conditioner


All of the best beard oils can claim the mantle of all-natural and organic, but ArtNaturals Beard Oil only consists of two ingredients: argan oil and jojoba oil. That’s it. With the simplicity of these organic ingredients and the low price, this can be great for more sensitive skin and could easily become your go-to beard oil.

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8. Proraso Beard Oil


Proraso Beard Oil is one of the few beard oils to use eucalyptus and menthol, staples of Proraso’s products for generations. If you’re looking for a more traditional beard oil, this one will wake your skin right up and just maybe give you some sense of how your grandfather might’ve taken care of his beard.

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9. Every Man Jack Beard Oil

Smell that? It’s an enticing, subtle cedarwood scent emanating from your beard after you use The Beard Oil from Every Man Jack. This hydrating formula contains naturally derived essential oils that help to soothe dry, irritated skin and keep your beard looking its best.

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