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Makeup Sponges: The 5 Best (Besides The Beauty Blender) For Flawless Coverage

* The essential makeup tool to apply makeup
* Gentle on skin and easy to use
* Blend creams and liquids to a flawless finish

Makeup sponges, while not all created equal, do have some similarities. While the original Beauty Blender might be the gold standard in the beauty industry (with a platinum price tag), the below options are almost equally similar and can yield the same results if used properly.

The tips to remember: 1. Always dampen your sponge to its full capacity and squeeze out excess water; 2. Use with any and all liquid products such as foundations, concealers, highlighters, liquid blush and even some setting powders and 3. Use a light, bouncy touch to get the coverage you desire as it is always easier to apply more than remove too much.

Continue reading for some great alternatives designed to give you flawless-looking skin. The best part: they’re all highly-reviewed and come in at under $10.

1. e.l.f. Cosmetics Sculpting and Blending Sponge

The e.l.f. Cosmetics Sculpting and Blending Sponge is a multi-sided makeup blender that’s great for creating a full coverage base, contouring or layering color. The sponge features angled sides for an illuminating highlight and a precision point for precise concealing of imperfections. The sculpting sponge works best with liquid or powder products, is latex-free and is washable and reusable.

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2. Eco Tools Foam Sponges

The Foam Sponges by Eco Tools come in a set of two sponges in different sizes enabling you to create multiple looks. The large blender will help you apply and build your makeup and the mini detail blender is firmer for more precise and detailed coverage. In addition to ease of application, the Blender Duo and the company, in general, is designed with the earth in mind. The products are made from recycled aluminum and plastic and the packaging is made from 100% tree-free paper.

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3. L’Oreal Paris Artist Concealer Blender

One of L’Oreal’s latest contributions to the makeup sponge arena is their Artist Concealer Blender. This latex-free makeup sponge is specially designed with an exclusive plush material to cover and conceal smaller imperfections. The smaller size allows for more precise blending while the pointed tip helps blend concealer in hard to reach places such as under eyes, sides of nose and brow bone. The larger surface of the sponge will allow you blend out concealer on the forehead and around the mouth and the bold, turquoise color will ensure you can easily spot this sponge wherever you may put it.

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4. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Set

The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge might be the OG of our alternative makeup blender options. Their sponges truly do rival their competitors at a fraction of the price (and you get 2 of them!) Their 3-in-1 makeup sponge allows you to blend larger areas of the face with the rounded side, cover blemishes and imperfections with the precision tip, and allow you to easily contour around the eyes and nose with the flat edge. This sponge will serve all your makeup needs leaving you with smooth, blended skin.

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5. Sonia Kashuk Makeup Blender

Another popular sponge option is the Sonia Kashuk Makeup Blender. Not only does this sponge make it easy to get an airbrushed finish on your skin, but its super chic marble design makes it a delight to look at and display. Made from latex-free soft foam, it cushions your face as you stipple on foundation or concealer to blend for the perfect finish, and features a tapered end, allowing you to get into every facial contour for the most flawless coverage.

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