Delicate Depilatory: The 7 Best Bikini Shavers Under $25

best bikini trimmers
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* Bikini shavers provide more accurate and delicate trimming action than razors
* Both manual and electric options will clean your bikini line for bathing suit season
* All 7 of these bikini shavers are priced under $25 on Amazon

Shaving your bikini line is almost always a chore. Not only does the area present difficult curves to master, that section of skin is incredibly sensitive. Even if you make the bikini line hair-free using a normal razor, you’ll most likely see redness and razor bumps pop up within minutes.

The solution? Invest in a bikini shaver or trimmer. These products come in both manual and electric models and are specifically designed to take care of your bikini area. Be confident in your bikini line this bathing suit season with one of these models available on Amazon for under $25.

1. Noxzema Bikini Shave And Trim

The Noxzema Bikini Shave And Trim razors are a budget-friendly option for keeping your bikini line clean. The mini blades have easy-grip handles for easy control and skin-soothing shea butter to provide lubrication where it’s most necessary. Each pack includes 3 mini blades, and a typical order includes 3 packs.

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2. Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle

You’ve probably used a Schick razor before, but did you know the famous shaving company also makes an even easier to use bikini trimmer? This 2-in-1 shaver and trimmer allows you to do it all with just the flip of a handle. As an added bonus, the waterproof trimmer has an adjustable comb with four different settings for a custom trim length.

schick hydro silk trimstyle Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Philips BikiniGenie

With the versatility of multiple attachments, the BikiniGenie is a wet and dry bikini trimmer powered by AA batteries. It includes a trimmer, two clip-on attachment combs of different lengths as well as a mini shaving head to get your bikini area beautifully bare where you wanted it to be. The set also includes a brush and a travel pouch for easy transportation on your next beach vacation.

philips bikinigenie Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Gillette Venus Bikini Trimmer

Venus is practically a household name in women’s razors. Now the hair removal company is taking on bikini trimmers, too. The Venus trimmer boasts a 90-degree head, giving you a great view of what you’re doing down there as well as the ability to maneuver around tight spaces. Plus, the trimmer is powered by standard batteries so you can take it wherever you need it this summer.

venus gillette trimmer Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Panasonic Ladies Electric Shaver

The Panasonic Ladies Electric Shaver is an all-in-one answer to your hair removal needs. The electric shaver allows you to make skin bare in both wet or dry conditions. In addition, the pop-up trimmer helps you take care of longer hairs and your bikini line at the same time. Furthermore, the three blades allow you to get a close and comfortable shave around all curves and conditions.

panasonic ladies electric razor Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Panasonic Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver

Great for legs, underarms and the bikini area, the Panasonic Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver features four blades with a pivot-action shaving head. It will effortlessly glide along your contours for a dry or wet shave. Plus, the shaver comes with an adjustable bikini shaver attachment and pop-up trimmer for an effortlessly clean bikini area. The powerful personal device comes with a rechargeable battery.

panasonic womens electric razor Image courtesy of Amazon


7. ETEREAUTY Ladies Electric Shaver

The 4-in-1 ETEREAUTY Ladies Electric Shaver does more than trim your bikini line. It offers four different heads, including one regular shaver for areas like your legs, one precision shaver for smaller areas like the underarms, one precision trimmer for your bikini line and a facial cleansing brush. Additionally, the set is fully rechargeable, and a single charge can provide 120 minutes of use.[/pmc-store-product]

 etereauty 4 in 1 waterproof ladies electric Image courtesy of Amazon


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