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Carry the Best Breath Mints to Banish Bad Breath Once and For All

There’s no use beating about the bush. No one likes bad breath. It’s that simple. No friends, family, co-workers, interviewers or even partners want to start a conversation with you and get a face full of your last meal, cigarette, coffee or that staleness that can occur throughout the day. If you’re headed to the office, a holiday party or just looking for that meet-cute to go well, the best breath mints can help. 

Brushing your teeth in the morning and evening will do a lot of the hard work, but keeping a small dose of minty freshness on your person in the form of cooling breath mints will ensure you’re set for everything else. (If you find that persistent bad breath is causing regular problems despite practicing good oral hygiene, then you may have halitosis, which you should discuss with your physician.)

Choosing the best breath mints for you will come down to personal preference. Some people love the overpowering minty freshness that comes with traditional mints, while others enjoy using chewable Mentos mints and other mint candies as small snacks throughout the day. When picking out the right ones for you, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How will the mints taste?
  • Do I want to chew or suck on my mints?
  • How easy are they to carry?
  • How many are in each pack?

Answer these important questions, and it’s easy to identify the best mint to suit your tastes. We’ve answered a few of those questions ourselves and rounded up the best breath mints for sale in 2022. Whether you want them to cover up a garlicky meal, hide your post-smoke breath, freshen your mouth before a job interview, or deliver a dose of unforgettable freshness as you kiss your date goodbye, there’s a mint for every need. 

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We included all our favorite classic mints, many of which you know and love, as well as more natural and sustainable mints and even this new highly advanced mint that goes one step further than freshening your mouth. Plus, we know not everyone loves proper mints, so we included a few breath sprays too.

Now, read on to find the best breath mints to avoid the bad breath cringe. If you’re looking to step up your oral care game in general, consider checking out the best whitening mouthwashes or the best electric toothbrushes.


1. Ice Breakers Sugar-Free Mints


These Ice Breakers Sugar-Free Mints are ideal for anyone looking for a minty fresh hit without the accompanying sugar dose. Not only do these sugar-free mints contain 30% fewer calories than competing added sugar options, but they also boast a crisp, smooth flavor that delivers instant refreshment, too. If you generally dislike the taste of artificial sweeteners, then you’ll still love these Ice Breakers mints. SPY’s Site Director Tim Werth hates diet sodas and artificial sweeteners, but he swears by these cooling breath mints, which he relied on for years before he quit smoking.

The included snap-close lid container offers a convenient way to transport your mints and lets you choose between two dispensing options: one for when it’s just you and one for when you’re sharing. Whether you’re a smoker, love garlic or just like the crisp flavor, these are great everyday breath mints.

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2. Altoids Classic Peppermint Breath Mints


Since their introduction in 1780, Altoids Classic Peppermint Breath Mints have remained one of the most popular mint choices across America, and for good reason. People love their strong flavor and how quickly and effectively they fight bad breath. Consumers also love the accompanying reusable, slide-top tin which is just the right size for storing your mints and transporting them, too. Each tin contains 75 of these pill-sized mints which come in a range of other flavors, including cinnamon, spearmint and arctic strawberry.

Altoids are synonymous with breath mints, and so you may be wondering why we didn’t rate these as the best breath mints overall. In our experience, Altoids have a chalky texture, which is a major turnoff for many people. But for everyone else, Altoids aren’t just the best breath mints; they’re the only breath mints to choose.

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3. Breath Savers Sugar-Free Mints


Breath Savers Sugar-Free Mints are the quintessential mint choice on our list. These sugar-free mints come packaged in small rolls which are easily stored in pockets, backpacks and desk drawers for when you need a moment of freshness. They include Neutrazin in their composition, which is an effective breath-freshening ingredient. Each mint also contains only five calories, making them a great option for fighting off the bad breath that too often follows a delicious meal.

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4. Tic Tac Freshmints Breath Mints


These Tic Tac Freshmints Breath Mints are a fast and tasty way to get fresh breath. Each of the 60 pill-sized mints inside every box provides a sweet, fun and flavorful experience which can be a quick snack as well as a breath freshener. The resealable flip-top box also serves as a convenient way to carry your mints with you. Furthermore, these popular treats have received five stars from over 90% of Amazon customers, and there’s a range of tasty flavor alternatives to choose from, including frosty mint and orange. Thanks to the wide variety of flavors and fast results, Tic Tacs are our pick for the best breath mints.

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5. NUDE Mints 


The NUDE Mints just might be the most aggressive mints ever made, but they’ve got a case to make. These sugar-free mints not only freshen your breath, they mintify your gut too. That may sound crazy but it’s actually simple. You pop the mint capsule into your mouth, wait a few seconds for the outer layer to dissolve, refreshing your breath, and then you swallow the rest so it can freshen your upper GI tract. 

If you’re looking for a mint that goes above and beyond the call of duty to freshen your breath, the Nude Mints will be the best breath mints for you.

Get the variety pack and try all five flavors: Ice Shot, Sexy Spearmint, Berry Kiss, Citrus Squeeze and Mad Melon.

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Courtesy of NUDE

6. Simply Gum Natural Breath Mints


The Simply Gum Natural Breath Mints are an all-natural option made from the highest quality ingredients. Cane sugar, peppermint oil and calcium stearate combine to create refreshing peppermint-flavored hits. Unlike many of our other picks for the best breath mints, these mints are vegan, kosher, non-GMO and free of gluten and aspartame. Each tin includes 45 individual pieces and features a snap-top lid which acts as a handy way to get your mints. Other flavor choices in the line include cinnamon and ginger.

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7. Life Savers Mints Wint O Green Candy


Except for maybe the classic red-and-white peppermint mint, few candies are as readily recognizable as Life Savers. That might explain why the Life Savers Mints Wint O Green Candy are Amazon’s bestseller for “Candy Mints.” That, or people just prefer wintergreen mint-flavored kinds of breath mint than traditional peppermint flavors. Either way, they promise to go to work freshening up your breath while they melt.

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8. Mentos Chewy Mint Candy


If you’re looking for a chewy, candy-like experience from your breath-freshening mints, then Mentos Chewy Mint Candy is definitely the choice for you. Every roll contains 14 chewy mints that are sealed inside a paper and foil wrapper, meaning it’s easy to remove one and reseal the pack with a twist. Additionally, when you’re not in need of their minty freshness, you can enjoy these gluten-free candies in other flavors, including green apple, rainbow and strawberry.

If you like the refreshing clean feeling that comes with chewing an after-dinner mint, Mentos will be the best breath mints for you.

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Courtesy of Walmart

9. Tic Tac Freshmints Pillow Pack


Though you can easily fit most of these breath mints into a pocket, it’s a heck of a lot easier to grab an individually wrapped Tic Tac Freshmints Pillow Pack. The big pack has 100 little packs, each containing four breath mints. Just grab one or two packs before heading out for fresh breath peace of mind.

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10. Starlight Peppermint Mints


Available at small tables near the fronts of restaurants everywhere, the classic peppermint mint has been around forever. Individually wrapped and bursting in minty freshness, Starlight Peppermint Mints are great to throw in a glove box or small bag and deliver the minty fragrance you need after a good meal or a long day.

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11. Listerine PocketPaks Breath Strips


If you want minty-fresh breath in a matter of seconds, you need these Listerine PocketPaks Breath Strips in your pocket. While they may not be breath mints by definition, they certainly do the breath-freshening job. And, you won’t even need to chew. Simply place one of these strips on your tongue, let it dissolve and enjoy minty-fresh breath. As soon as these strips hit your mouth, they start to liquefy instantly, and they can be a little intense. That’s because these mouthwash strips kill 99% of bad breath germs. If you like to dine on garlic knots and other bad breath foods, these after-dinner strips come in handy, resealable packs that comfortably fit inside pockets and desk drawers.

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12. Feals Hemp Mints


For some people, hemp helps destress and calm them. That’s what makes the Feals Hemp Mints such a good idea. You can freshen your breath while the 20 mg of hemp in every mint helps slow your roll a bit. Plus, these breath mints lean natural, with natural peppermint, xylitol and stevia.  

Heads-up, these breath mints are pricey for a single 20-count container — adding hemp will do that. But if you know you can use a little extra help finding your center, these could be the best breath mints for you. 

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Courtest of Feals

13. Public Goods Sugar-Free Breath Mints


For simple, sustainably produced breath mints, go for the Public Goods Sugar-Free Breath Mints. These mints only contain five ingredients, sorbitol, organic peppermint oil, organic spearmint oil, stevia leaf and vegetable-derived calcium stearate, which binds everything together. That means they’re vegan-friendly, gluten-free and sugar-free mints. 

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Courtesy of Public Goods

14. Neuro Mints


Neuro Mints deliver fresh breath and a dose of caffeine for those times when you’re tired but still have to talk to people. Each mint contains 40 mg of green tea-derived caffeine, 60 mg of L-theanine for focus and vitamins B6 and B12 for mood. 

A cup of coffee has around 80 mg of caffeine, so two mints offer roughly the same amount, though coffee doesn’t have that extra good stuff. 

So if you’ve been having too much coffee or caffeinated tea lately, these might be the best breath mints for you. Pick them up in mint or cinnamon.

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15. Viter Energy Caffeinated Mints


The Viter Energy Caffeinated Mints, as their name suggests, contain 40 mg of caffeine to give you that extra boost while refreshing your breath at the same time. This is a great option for a variety of flavors. Try all five — peppermint, chocolate mint, wintergreen, spearmint, cinnamon — to find your favorite for the future.

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16. Listerine Pocketmist


Listerine always packs a breath-refreshing punch whether you’re using the mouthwash or the Listerine Pocketmist. This sugar-free oral spray kills 99.9% bacteria and brings the Cool Mint flavor to turn your breath around.

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17. Dr. Brite Naturals Breath Freshener Oral Spray


For an oral spray that’s a bit less Listerine-y, try the Dr. Brite Naturals Breath Freshener Oral Spray. This formula leans on organic peppermint oil and menthol crystals alongside a bit of clove oil, basil oil and activated charcoal to refresh your mouth the natural way and take down bad breath. 

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Courtesy of Dr. Brite

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