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6 Brightening Serums to Combat Dullness For a Holiday Glow

* Get glowy, brighter skin for the holidays
* Fade age spots and hyperpigmentation
* Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

If you have any upcoming holiday parties, an after work get together or just want to improve the look and feel of your skin, then it might be wise to start incorporating some brightening serums into your skin care routine ASAP.

Over time, as our skin begins to change with age, we might notice unsightly things like age spots, texture, and overall dullness popping up here and there. The below anti-aging serums work to combat the change(s) and slow down the aging process all while fading age spots, acne scarring and discoloration, keeping your skin healthier and more youthful looking.

1. Acure Brightening Glowing Serum

Acure’s Brightening Glowing Serum is a concentrated serum that uses antioxidants and nutrients to revitalize your skin’s moisture. Certified organic and vegan ingredients work to hydrate and add protection to keep your skin glowing all day long. This serum also doubles as a great makeup remover as well.

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2. Amara Organics Vitamin C Serum

The Amara Organics Vitamin C Serum is made from a blend of 20% Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E to soften fine lines, fade age spots and brighten skin tone. This lightweight serum is best applied after you cleanse your face, prior to moisturization and will help clear up and prevent breakouts, shrink the look of pores and fade acne scars to help your skin glow.

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3. Klaris Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum

Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum by Klaris is a safe non-irritating way to energize and rejuvenate the skin. Comprised of concentrated Vitamin C, this multi-functional serum will help to clear up acne, prevent breakouts and minimize the appearance of pores. Great for all skin types, this Vitamin Drop Serum is non-irritating to revitalize, maintain and transform your skin.

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4. Kleem Vitamin C Serum

Kleem’s Vitamin C Serum is jam-packed with ingredients and benefits that are ultimately proven to reduce wrinkles and fine lines while helping to boost collagen, fade sun spots and improve your skin’s brightness. Formulated with 20% Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid, this serum is not just a topical anti-ager, it will actually improve the overall health of your skin for a smoother, fresher and more revitalized youthful complexion.

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5. Dermalogica Biolumin-c Serum

Dermalogica’s Biolumin-C Serum contains an advanced biotechnology to deliver more Vitamin C to the skin helping to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with continued use. Benefits of this serum include gentle exfoliation, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and the prevention and correction of free radical damage. With regular use your skin will be brighter, firmer and more radiant, helping show off that coveted, youthful glow.

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6. PCA Skin C&E Advanced

PCA Skin C&E is an advanced skin-brightening treatment that works to reduce the appearance of discoloration. This serum contains Hexylresorcinol and Silymarin to work deeply below the skin’s surface to combat dryness while encouraging a healthy glow. In addition to C&E’s nourishing formula, antioxidants and Vitamin C work to reduce fine lines and prevent future, free radical damage. This serum is also a creamier texture rather than a liquid, helping it absorb better and faster for maximum efficacy.

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