The Time Is High: Here’s Why Cannabis Is Skin Care’s New Secret Ingredient

herbivore emerald cannabis sativa hemp seed
Image courtesy of Herbivore
Image courtesy of Herbivore

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* CBD is known for its calming, skin-saving benefits
* Luxury beauty products that will elevate your skin care routine
* Ideal for all skin types

Beauty companies and consumers have been lighting up to an ingredient that’s taking skin care to a higher level. We’re talking cannabis. Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is a purified, non-psychoactive compound taken from the cannabis plant.

It’s helped people for thousands of years thanks to its stress-reducing, pain relieving and skin-saving benefits. So it’s no surprise more and more beauty brands are including this nourishing ingredient in their products to tackle pesky skin problems like acne, redness, inflammation, aging, psoriasis and eczema.

If you’re new to the CBD beauty game, or looking to elevate your existing skin care routine, we’ve weeded out four luxury CBD skin care products that will have you high on its unique beauty benefits.

1. Origins Hello, Calm Hydrating Face Mask

Origins’ super hydrating Calm Face Mask is rich in essential omega-6 and omega-3 acids to help calm skin, reduce irritation and de-stress the senses.

origins hello, calm hydrating face mask sephora Image courtesy of Sephora


2. High Beauty High Five Cannabis Seed Facial Moisturizer

Made with 20% cannabis sativa seed oil from hemp, this revolutionary moisturizer promotes supple, youthful-looking skin thanks to hydrating flavonoids of red grape, broccoli and black cumin.

high beauty high five cannabis seed facial moisturizer sephora Image courtesy of Sephora


3. Herbivore Emerald Cannabis Hemp Seed Deep Glow Oil

Keep pesky wrinkles and dryness at bay with Herbivore’s lightweight glow oil. One drop and you’ll soothe irritation and welcome soft, radiant skin.

herbivore emerald cannabis sativa hemp seed deep moisture glow oil sephora Image courtesy of Sephora


4. Kiehl’s Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate

Protect your face from environmental stress (think: pollution, ozone, UV rays and free radicals) with Kiehl’s noncomedogenic herbal concentrate facial oil. Uniquely formulated for problematic skin, it helps strengthen the skin’s barrier over time to help your skin protect itself.

kiehl's cannabis sativa seed oil herbal concentrate sephora Image courtesy of Sephora


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