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Get These Cannabis Face Masks To Instantly Calm Your Skin

* CBD oil is making waves not only in health care, but in skin care too
* It has natural calming and anti-inflammatory properties
* The anti-oxidants additives also fight against aging skin

CBD is an all-natural, plant-based substance found in the cannabis plant, and has all ready made waves in the health care field for its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory capabilities. Now, many skin care brands are including it in their face masks, as it’s been known to not only have muscle-relaxing properties, but also treat inflammatory skin conditions as well. Because it also contains anti-oxidants, it also offers a slew of anti-aging and acne-fighting benefits. We’ve found four reliable, soothing face masks for you to try below.

1. Origins Hello, Calm Relaxing & Hydrating Face Mask with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil

Good for oily, dry or combination skin, this soothing face mask contains natural cannabis sativa seed oil to help reduce irritation and redness. It also contains omega-6 and omega-3 acids to give your skin that healthy glow.

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2. Belize Seaweed Detoxifying Face Mask with Pure Hemp Seed Oil

Containing six masks intended for single use, this face mask contains a blend of soothing hemp oil and Belize seaweed, which provides intense hydration and anti-inflammatory effects. As an added bonus, the mask also works to fight against the build up of blackheads.

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3. Among The Flowers Green Tea + Hemp Flower Nutrient Face Mask

Refresh your skin for the New Year with this face mask that contains a blend of hemp seed oil and green tea, infusing anti-oxidants to help fight aging, and improve blood flow to the skin.

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4. Andalou Naturals CannaCell Glow Mask

Healthy for both you and the planet, this face mask is made from bioavailable vegan ingredients. The hemp stem cells it contains are naturally occurring antioxidants, which help fight the harmful effects of UV exposure and pollution.

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