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The Collagen Connection: 5 Skin Care Products For Plumper, Younger Looking Skin

* One of the most important nutrients for younger-looking skin
* Collagen is found naturally in bones and connective tissue
* Preserves skin firmness and elasticity

Collagen is one of the latest buzzwords being thrown around the beauty community. While its definitely not a new ingredient, the benefits of collagen, whether it is via your skin care routine and/or what you ingest are plentiful. As 80% of your skin is made up of collagen, it is considered the most important nutrients for skin health and can be considered the “glue” that holds your skin together.

In addition to beautifying benefits, collagen can help heal inflammatory skin conditions such as acne and eczema, can help prevent cellulite and stretch marks, speed up wound healing and promote healthy hair and nails. You could say this is one wonder ingredient that is well worth trying. Keep reading below for our top picks in the skin care arena that will help plump up your skin for that coveted youthful glow all year round.

1. MIZON Collagen Ampoule

Korean skin care giant, MIZON, has created a concentrated ampoule formulated with 90% marine collagen that firms, hydrates and plumps the skin. The high concentration of marine collagen creates a barrier to protect the skin against harsh elements, while maintaining moisture and smoothness. After you’ve toned the skin, simply spread 2-3 drops over skin and tap, tap, tap in.

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2. Etude House Collagen Cream


is a moisturizer that contains small “super” collagen water particles that work to keep your skin hydrated and feeling firm all day. The cream feels soft and jelly-like to the touch due to its watery gel texture. This consistency helps the cream adhere and absorb into the skin for rapid delivery of moisture.

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3. Mario Badescu Collagen Mask

is a collagen and clay based mask designed to tighten, nourish and purify the skin. The collagen works to plump and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, while the Kaolin Clay gently purifies and tightens the appearance of pores. It also contains soothing oatmeal, which has natural calming benefits to reduce redness and any irritation.

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4. Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion

Murad’s Rapid Collagen Infusion is part of their “Age Reform” line that is meant to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles, restore resilience and firmness and reduce the signs of aging. The Rapid Collagen Infusion infuses the skin’s surface with collagen amino acids and promotes hydration which helps to fight wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid and kelp contribute to the anti-aging benefits to boost skin’s resilience and improve texture.

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5. ALGENIST GENIUS Liquid Collagen

Outfitted with a special pump designed to deliver a precise amount of product, the Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen formula is a breakthrough product in the skin care industry. It is designed to help replenish and preserve healthy, youthful skin by delivering vegan collagen in its most active state, hence the special pump. This formula also contains nutrient-rich ingredients such as microalgae oils beads, omegas 3,6, and 9 and Vitamin E to keep skin more resilient, brighter and youthful looking.

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