This Cordless Shaver Looks Like a Fidget Spinner For Your Face

Pitbull gold cordless handheld shaver
Pitbull gold cordless shaver

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* An ergonomic, speedy shaver
* Works for shaving heads as well as faces
* Waterproof and can be used in the shower

It may look like a fidget spinner attached to a cube, but the Pitbull Gold cordless shaver is a highly innovative design that makes quick work of stubble and stray hairs. Its multiple round-enclosed blades match their angles to the complex curvature of faces and chins, giving you a closer shave with less irritation. And the cube part is both a battery and an ergonomic all-directional handle that makes it far easier to shave hard to reach spots.

For a high precision face-shave, grasp the shaver between your fingers and let the handle balance on the back of your hand; this way, you get smooth, up-close and very controllable shaving. For hard to reach places, you can hold the back of the handle in your palm and extend the shaver’s range.

Pitbull cordless shaver Courtesy Amazon

The Pitbull Gold shaver, now in its 3rd generation, had received some substantial upgrades that take this fidget spinner-shaped shaver to the top of the class when it comes to combination face shavers-slash-head buzzers. From daily shaving needs to high precision haircuts, this is one versatile, albeit funny-looking cordless shaver.

The Pitbull Gold shaver is now waterproof, too. An important plus, especially for those of us who like to combine showering and shaving. The sturdy grip won’t slip when wet and the blades rinse off easily. The portable shaver is great for travel and to help save time too.

best portable shaver how to use Courtesy of Amazon

And thanks to the unique handle design, this shaver lets you “turn corners” more quickly, again saving time, while maintaining the closeness of a world-class shave. The Pitbull shaver even rewards practice, sort of like a fidget spinner, and you might find as you become more experienced at handling it, you’ll be able to get a perfect shave in record time.

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