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Coconut Oil Dental Floss is a Thing, and Here’s Why It Works

* Cocofloss just made floss better with coconut oil
* Cleans, whitens, and soothes gums better than normal floss
* Highly-reviewed by dentists, magazines, and users

Dental floss just got upgraded with an unlikely ingredient: coconut oil.

Cocofloss is a new company that’s been making some waves in the otherwise dead-boring business of floss. They’ve made your daily dental floss noticeably better by implementing coconut oil, which helps freshen and whiten teeth, while also soothing gums.

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Image courtesy of Sephora

The new floss has a unique texture that acts as a “loofah for your teeth,” attracting grime, gunk, and harmful plaque more effectively than normal floss. This deep cleaning not only makes your teeth healthier and reduces the chance of cavities, but also makes your smile whiter. Plus, because coconut oil is a natural antimicrobial, Cocofloss reduces gum inflammation better than regular floss.

It’s a great product if you struggle with yellow or stained teeth, puffy, bleeding gums, or constantly bad breath. And unlike some other new health trends, this one doesn’t require adding an extra step to your bedtime routine – it just replaces your current floss.

Cocofloss has also gotten some serious press, as well as positive feedback from dentists. Publications like Vogue, GQ, and New York Magazine have all been touting the floss’ benefits, and users are impressed too: Cocofloss has over 200 reviews and 4 stars on Sephora’s website.