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This $11 Disposable Razor Is So Beautiful We Almost Can’t Bear To Throw It Away

* Cuts down on disposable razor waste
* Elegant and easy-to-use design
* Made with sustainable ingredients

Disposable razors are known for being cheap, plastic, and ugly throwaway items. You get a few uses out of them and then you get rid of them. However, Public Goods has changed the game, and their new Bamboo Razor Handle will make you think twice about using recyclable razors.

This bamboo razor handle is an elegant upgrade to the standard hard-edged, plastic razor handles. It gives you a firm grip for better control, offers a smooth design that feels good in the hand. It’s also super easy to handle and maneuver at just 2 ounces in weight. And really, it’s so gorgeous you won’t want to throw it away. Plus, it pairs well with Public Goods’ refillable razor blades for a luxurious shaving experience.

Even better, this razor handle is sustainable and will help you cut down on those plastic disposables that take an eternity to break down in the landfill. Basically, this handle is good for your face and good for the earth.

Public Goods excels at creating products that sensibly serve mankind, using healthy – not harmful – ingredients. They exclude even refuse to use ingredients that are banned in Europe due to being linked to cancer, even though they’re not yet banned in the U.S. And, instead of creating bright, ugly products designed to stand out in a drug store, P.G. designs their products to complement your space visually. Best of all, they keep the price down by selling direct to you.

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