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Stop Stealing From Your Lady’s Skincare Collection & Get This $9 Men’s Eye Cream Instead

* This age defiant eye cream is designed just for men
* Doesn’t leave behind a feminine fragrance like your lady’s creams
* Lightweight and won’t leave your skin feeling oily 

Guys are just as prone to dark circles, fine lines, bags under the eyes as the ladies are. Whether it’s from a lack of sleep, stress, or just the natural aging process, those pesky skin problems are annoying. Many men either ignore the circles (even when they’re painfully noticeable), or they snoop around their lady’s side of the bathroom in search of skin care product to fix it. Fortunately, you don’t have to steal from your S.O. anymore. This age defiant eye cream is specifically formulated for men’s skin, and it only costs $9.

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The eye cream from men’s grooming brand Every Man Jack, uses a special formula that enriches the skin around the eyes. It’s main ingredient is myrtus leaf extract, which reduces lines by firming the skin and increasing elasticity. It also utilizes green tea extract for a soothing sensation, as well as aloe and cocoa butter for added hydration. The result is fresher, brighter looking eyes, and a much younger looking face.

We also like Every Man Jack’s eye cream because it’s fragrance free. If you’ve ever tried using one of your lady’s products, you know how hard it is to avoid a feminine fragrance.