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Philips Norelco Just Released a New Version of Everyone’s Favorite Face & Body Electric Shaver

At-home hair removal and grooming is having a major moment right now. Thanks to new and affordable shavers and hair removers, it’s never been easier and more convenient to stay well groomed. This trend shows no signs of slowing down either – grooming brand Philips Norelco just launched a new version of their popular  face and body trimmer, and it’s priced just under $50. Find out more from Boy Genius Report and shop below:

From BGR:

It looks like Christmas came early this year because Philips Norelco just released a brand new version of everyone’s favorite electric shaver and trimmer. Of course we’re talking about the OneBlade, which flies in the face of the multi-blade manual razer craze by introducing perfection in the form of an electric razer with one blade. While the earlier OneBlade and OneBlade Pro models were designed solely for the face, the new 

and shaver comes with several different attachments so that your entire body is covered. And when we say “your entire body” we mean it, as Philips Norelco’s not-so-subtle picture illustrates:

The set comes complete with two different blades – one for your face and one for your body, and you can use them wet or dry making it a great tool for traveling and on-the-go touch-ups. The blades are able to cut any length of hair and the shave is not too close, so it’s safe on sensitive skin. For use on sensitive areas, the set includes a click-on skin guard for added protection.


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