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These Pocket-Sized Face Wipes Remove Dirt, Oil, Sweat and Grime, and They Exfoliate and Hydrate, Too

* These URSA Major bamboo face wipes are made from all-natural ingredients
* They are ideal for cleaning, soothing and exfoliating your face on the go
* Each pack contains 20 individually-wrapped wipes

Whether you’ve just finished a workout or you simply need a quick and easy way to clean your face when you’re out and about, these all-natural

are made for the job.

The handy wipes have received a number of awards for their effectiveness and smart design. In addition, each of the individually-wrapped bamboo cleansers is produced from the highest quality, naturally-derived ingredients, meaning they are free from harmful ingredients, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

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Within each wipe, you’ll find a wide range of ingredients which work to clean away dirt and makeup, soothe, hydrate and exfoliate your skin, leaving it refreshed and feeling like new. These ingredients include aloe, toning birch sap, willow bark and sugarcane.

However, perhaps the most surprising ingredient is an exfoliating complex that gives your skin a toned appearance, a brighter look, a reduction in redness and provides antioxidants for the promotion of healthy skin. This addition is what gives the Ursa Major wipes a superior edge on competitors as it makes their wipes a bit more useful to your body.

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Furthermore, the wipes are great for use on all skin types and boast refreshing orange, lavender and fir aromas.

The standard pack contains 20 wipes. Because the wipes are individually wrapped, you can break down the pack and keep them in all the places you need them. They really are the perfect size for keeping inside your handbag, gym bag, office drawers and your car glove compartment for any time your face needs a clean or an exfoliating spruce up.


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