Face Fatigue? Try These 8 Facial Massagers to Revive Tired Skin

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* Improve your skin with these easy to use at-home beauty tools
* Massagers can aide in the absorption of skin products
* Our picks include both manual and electric options

Why bother with Botox or facials when you can achieve similar results by doing it yourself at home with the help of easy to use beauty tools, like a facial massager? You’ll not only get younger-looking skin, but you’ll gain back time, too. No, really.

Okay, facial massagers, what’s the deal, right? Well, there is a rather wide range and assortment of types of facial massagers it turns out. Some mimic the experience you’d have during a facial like the knuckling, pinching and fast tapping of the facialists’ hands. Others, we’ve gathered, can potentially increase things like elasticity, circulation or the lowering of cortisol levels, which is a very good thing if you want healthier looking skin.

It seems the benefits of using such tools can have any number of skin-improving effects, scientifically proven or not, and there are a lot of overwhelmingly positive reviews that say some do, in fact, deliver on those promises. Here are seven options – both manual and electric – for you to look over and pick from.

1. Bial Manual Facial Massager

If you don’t believe any of the hype but are sort of curious just to see what it’s all about, Bial’s Manual Face Massager claims to remove double chins and slim your face and neck and it’s less than six bucks. So, why not?

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2. Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse Massager

The Beauty Bar 24K Golden Pulse Massager claims to have been designed to “help relax and beautify your skin by increasing blood circulation” by vibrating something like 6,000 times a minute. It’s plated in 24K gold, small enough to fit in your purse, and you can use it in the shower.

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3. JuFit Face and Body Massager

JuFit’s solar powered massager can be used on both your face and body and “releases micro solar currents” that are said to increase circulation thus promoting healthier skin. This one is also waterproof.

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4. Clear Life Premium Anti-Aging Jade Roller

Made from hand-cut jade that’s been mined from the mountains of New Zealand, this anti-aging roller will lift and firm in skin in the first use. Not only does it reduce puffiness and tension, but it also soothes and relaxes your face.

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5. TouchBeauty Sonic Massager

If you’re more than just curious and want to dive a little deeper, the TouchBeauty will make a great addition to your skin management routine. For instance, if you use serums, like this Nobel Prize-winning serum, the vibrations from the massager are said to stimulate the blood in the targeted area and help open up pours for better absorption. Sounds like a win-win, right?

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6. Swiss-Ultimate Labs Ionic Infusion Massager

The Ionic Fusion Massager from Swiss-Ultimate Labs is the size of your palm and sends negative-ion, micro-electric pulses into your skin at 140 beats per second, which ultimately aides in the absorption of skin products.

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7. Natural Jade Rolling Massager

Made from certified authentic jade, the overwhelming perk of using this manual massager is the cooling effect from the jade. Oh, and the customer service, should you need it, is top notch.

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8. Ultrasonic Hot/Cold Massager

The benefits you get from other electric facial massagers, the UltraSonic also dishes out, but where it differentiates itself is the option to switch between hot and cold modes. If you want a cold compress followed by a warm massage or vice versa, this has all the bells and whistles.

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