Get a Professional Grade Facial at Home With The Pro Steamer

best facial steamer Dr. Dennis Gross
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* Professional quality facial steamer for at-home skin therapy
* Helps with dry, dull and uneven skin through steam hydration
* No need to travel to the spa – just do it yourself!

Enjoy professional quality facial treatments in the comfort of your own home. The Dr. Dennis Gross Pro Facial Steamer offers an enjoyable solution to irritable skin. It prevents dryness, helps to manage pores and addresses dullness and uneven texture.

Dr. Dennis Gross, a New York dermatologist, has long established himself as the premiere choice among the fashion and beauty elite. After years of practice in skin management for clients, he was inspired to produce and offer products capable of producing the same results at home.

The Pro Steamer allows you to forget the hassle and expense of traveling to a spa to receive quality treatment. With the Pro Facial Steamer, you can relax and indulge as the micro-steam technology helps to hydrate and purify your skin – leaving you with a soothed and radiant complexion.

The intelligently designed, wide nozzle maximizes steam coverage while the compact design makes the Pro Facial Steamer travel friendly. It’s lightweight enough to take with you wherever you go, meaning you’ll never have to disrupt your weekly skincare plans.

Simple to use, the facial steam requires very little experience. It is advised to treat your face one or two times a week. After pre-cleansing and drying your face, steam your skin for up to nine minutes. To improve results, follow the steaming with an Alpha Beta Peel, skincare serum and your moisturizer of choice. The steam will help the products absorb better into your skin.

A great way to keep your skin in great shape without the inconvenience or regular expense of spa treatments, the Pro Facial Steamer provides treatment worthy of the professional name it carries.

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