5 Cult French Hair Products For Effortless Locks

french hair care products
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* Cult-status products for all types of hair
* Protect, condition, and style your strands effortlessly
* Quality hair products that French women actually swear by 

French women are said to have that “je ne sais quoi” when it comes to their effortless approach to beauty. From makeup to fashion, French women seem to always look as if they woke up looking put together and chic, but you’ll never see them looking overdone.

When it comes to the French philosophy toward hair care, the goal is to keep your hair in its best shape possible to avoid it looking dry and damaged. Below we picked some of the top, highly rated hair care products that are of French origin and will protect, hydrate and moisturize your hair so you too can pull off that not-so-perfect, perfect French ‘do.

1. Klorane Dry Shampoo

Second-day hair is the best hair and Klorane’s Dry Shampoo will keep it in top-notch form. Klorane is an award-winning dry shampoo that cleans hair and eliminates excess oil, dirt and odors without water. Formulated with botanical ingredients, this ultra-gentle dry shampoo will soothe and protect the hair and scalp as it lengthens the time between washes. Oat milk, corn and rice starches cleanse the scalp without leaving a white residue or dulling the hair.

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2. Rene Furterer Finishing Spray

The Rene Furterer Finishing Hair Spray naturally sets the hair while maintaining healthy, beautiful hair that doesn’t feel stiff or crunchy. Containing an exclusive anti-dehydration complex and Vitamin B5, this hairspray provides the ultimate shine, moisture and protection to your hairstyle and can be used alone or layered to achieve any style desired.

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3. Phyto Straightening Balm

Phytodefrisant Botanical Straightening Balm is a heat-activated primer that preps hair for a frizz-free blowout. Another award-winning product, this straightening balm is made from an exclusive 99% botanical formula that not only gives you a natural-looking blowout but safeguards against the damaging effects of heat styling.

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4. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is a luxe multi-purpose dry oil spray that nourishes, helps to repair the hair or the skin, and leaves it feeling smooth and hydrated. Use the dry oil on your face, body or hair as often as required and watch as your skin and hair are left looking shinier and more supple sans any greasy or sticky finish.

Dry Oil Nuxe Huile Prodigiuese Image Courtesy Amazon


5. Leonor Greyl Hair Masque

If your hair is dry, thin or limp or just needs an instant beauty boost, then the Leonor Greyl Nourishing Hair Masque is for you. Use as a daily conditioner or as a weekly intensive treatment, this deep conditioning mask will nourish, protect and repair hair without weighing it down. With regular use, your hair will regain immediate shine, softness and manageability.

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