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Stronger and Longer: 5 Gel Nail Polish Sets For At-Home Manicures

* Painted nails look stylish and are a great way to complete an outfit
* Gel nail polish lasts a lot longer than the traditional version
* These 5 gel nail polish sets make at-home gel manicures simple

Painted nails are an easy way to make yourself feel great and show everyone you take the time to look after yourself. While manicures at the salon may be a lot easier as they require nothing more than sitting still and enjoying the treatment, regular appointments are certainly rough on the wallet.

Rather than having to book yourself in and pay to have it done, these nail polish sets make performing at-home manicures a cinch. They contain a range of colors so you always have an option and are salon standard, so you won’t even notice a difference (painting abilities aside). As an added benefit, these are gel nail polishes, which last weeks longer than traditional polishes.

One important thing to note if you choose to give yourself a gel manicure at home is that many options from our list require drying under an LED or UV light. It’s easy to find your own at-home drying light to ensure your nails are correctly set and dry.

is recommended.

1. Lagunamoon Gel Nail Polish Set


is branded that way for a reason. This collection contains a color for every mood, outfit and day of the week. You’ll find staples like black and white alongside red, purple and grey. The 6 premium grade gels last for up to 3 weeks and come in a small presentation box, which make it a great gift for friends. As a side note, this set does need to be cured under an LED light.

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2. Modelones Gel Nail Polish Set

Whether you’re partying, working or just hanging out around the house, there’s a color for every occasion in this

. Each of the eight color gels is lightweight and easily taken with you wherever you go. The set includes 1 pure black color as well as a range of pink and red shades. With the correct application, these high-quality polishes should remain on your nails for 2 weeks or longer.

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3. Gellen Gel Nail Polish Nude Set

If you need a less imposing polish, the

is right up your alley. No less in quality than the rest of the offerings on the list but with a lighter toned finish, these polishes provide a subtler option. Applied correctly, the polishes last up to 2 weeks. This set needs curing under a UV or LED light.

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4. Gellen UV Gel Nail Polish Set

Another set which needs curing under UV or LED lights, the

offers a range of luxury-looking nail options. Each of the polishes is made from natural resin, giving them impressive tenacity and helping them provide over 2 weeks of wear time. The set includes gold and silver glitter along with shimmering pearl, classic black and more.

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5. CLAVUZ Gel Nail Polish Kit


includes an impressive 12 color options. Colors in the set range from bright pink and purple to blue and green and several in between. The included variety ensures you always have a color to match with every outfit in your wardrobe. In addition, the gel polishes come packaged in an exquisitely produced gift box, making this set ideal for gifting to friends. These gels also require drying by LED or UV light.

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