The Best Hair Dryers For Men

The Best Hair Dryers For Men
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It’s a commonly held myth that short hair means you don’t need a blow dryer. Having short hair is often thought of as a more manageable hairstyle, and in many ways it is, but when it comes to drying your locks, using hairdryer is important regardless of your hair length.

Air drying is great if you are spending the day at home or if you’re one of the 1% of people that has hair that just naturally falls exactly how you want it to. Contrary to Bruno Mars’s hit song “Just The Way You Are,” most women, and men, don’t have hair that falls ‘perfectly without trying.’ We bet the woman who was the inspiration for that song tried really, really hard to make her hair look effortless.

Most of us love the way our hair looks when we leave the salon or barbershop and become frustrated when we can’t replicate the same hairstyle at home. Maybe you’re using the expensive products that your stylist recommended and you’ve taken the time to do all of the same steps that they showed you in the hair studio. But are you using a hairdryer? When it comes to using products like wax, pomade, mousse, gel, and even hairspray, most of these items are only useful if you are using them in combination with artificial heat from hairdryer.

As hairstyles continue to change with the times, the recent trend towards men wearing their hair slightly longer means that it’s time for hairdryers to make a comeback. Don’t think of it as a tool that is only required if you want to re-create John Travolta’s look from Saturday Night Fever. Think of it more as a way to achieve David Beckham’s hairstyle. Any of his hairstyles. He’s literally had them all and yes, he looks cool with all of them.

Here are four hairdryers that will help you style it like Becks (or any other celeb who is giving you hair inspo).

1. NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer

The NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer is a great all-around hairdryer that works for anyone, regardless of their hairstyle, length, or texture. The grill of the blower is coated in ceramic, which helps cut down on frizz and static, making your hair appear shinier and healthy. Our team loves that the NITION comes with attachments you’ll need to achieve your desired style, including a diffuser, a comb, and a concentrator. The dryer is compact and light (weighs 1 lb), which makes it easy to use and gentle on anyone with wrist issues. With three heat settings and two speed settings, the NITION is a great hairdryer from men and any one they may be sharing their bathroom with.

NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer

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If you’re looking for something outside the box of a traditional hairdryer, we recommend trying the INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR. Ideal for anyone with short hair (the dryer does work on long hair but it would be time consuming), the CONAIR is a wet/dry blow brush that styles your hair as you blowdry it. The triple action styling system helps to cut down on frizz, with infrared energy creating hair that is shiny and smooth. Customers love that the dryer works on coarse and curly hair and adds volume to thin hair.


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3. Revlon 1875W Compact & Lightweight Hair Dryer

If your hairstyle is low maintenance, then your hairdryer can be as well. If you’re looking for hairdryer that is affordable and you want something that doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of more expensive competitors, we recommend the Revlon 1875W Compact & Lightweight Hair Dryer. Its small size and weight make it ideal for using at home and when traveling. It has two heat settings and two speed settings and includes a cool shot button that is perfect for using at the end of your styling session when you want to seal in the look you’ve created.

Revlon 1875W Compact & Lightweight Hair Dryer

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4. Esquire Men’s Grooming The Hand Brush Dryer

If you’re new to using hairdryer, there is a learning curve when it comes to using a brush, or your fingers to style your hair while also using a dryer at the same time. The Esquire Men’s Grooming The Hand Brush Dryer Feels like a regular brush but blows out heat, acting as a dryer as well. The brush comes with an infrared dryer and a two setting temperature control. Customers love using it for both their hair and their beard.

Esquire Men's Grooming The Hand Brush Dryer

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