SPY Guide: The Best Hair Masks and How To Apply Them

best hair masks how to apply
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Most days, we don’t have time to enjoying the stress release that comes with spa treatments. Sometimes it’s necessary to make a little oasis for yourself in the comfort of your own bathroom. If that oasis includes a treatment that leaves your hair feeling soft and revitalized, even better.

Enter: hair masks. In just a few minutes, hair damaged from the too’s, as in too many heating products, too many chemicals, or too hard a natural element of humidity or dryness can be restored to its natural shine, feeling healthy and light once again. Plus, hair masks leave your scalp feeling great and leave your hair smelling delicious. Who doesn’t want delicious hair?

If you think you’re too busy to use a hair mask, think again. Often requiring only a few extra minutes in the shower, hair masks are a great way to pamper yourself and maintain the health of your hair.

1. Zeitun Hair Mask For Dry Damaged Hair

If you’re not sure exactly what type of hair mask you need, Zeitun Hair Mask for Dry Damaged Hair will work for just about anyone. The vegan, halal and cruelty-free hair mask is free from parabens and silicone, and made with only organic ingredients. Acting to intensely hydrate dry and damaged hair, Zeitun Hair Masks can be applied to towel-dry hair using your fingers and requires only 5-10 minutes to bring moisture back to your locks.

Zeitun Hair Mask for Dry Damaged Hair

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2. Color X-Change

Color X-Change is a vegan hair mask that works for all hair types, but is specially designed to help color-treated hair. Using coconut, argon, olive, and avocado oil, as well as shea butter, the mask hydrates hair, helping to repair locks that have been dried out by coloring. The mask should be applied once per week to clean, shampooed hair and left on for 3-5 minutes before being rinsed off, with no conditioner needed afterwards. Customers love that the mask not only repairs hair, but helps keep color on treated hair last longer.

Color X-Change

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3. SoloCoquette Hair Mask

The SoloCoquette Hair Mask takes a natural approach to hair masks, with ingredients that are free from parabens, sulfates, silicone, preservatives and mineral oil, while also being totally biodegradable. A deep conditioning treatment, the SoloCoquette Hair Mask will eliminate frizz and repair split ends with coconut oil and castor oil. The mask is applied to wet, shampooed hair and should be combed in from the root of the hair to the ends. The mask can be rinsed off after 15 minutes, leaving hair smooth and de-tangled and can be used up to two times per week.

SoloCoquette Hair Mask

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4. Botanic Hearth Charcoal Hair Mask

The Botanic Hearth Charcoal Hair Mask will detoxify both your hair and scalp using activated charcoal power, shea butter, argan oil, vitamin E, and Vitamin B5, leaving your hair feeling moisturized and restored. Safe for use on all hair types, including color-treated hair, the mask should be massaged into clean towel-dry hair from root to tip and left in for five minutes. Customers who suffer from dry scalp especially like the mask’s hydrating abilities.

Botanic Hearth Charcoal Hair Mask