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On the Record: 9 Products This Celebrity Hairstylist Swears By

* Celebrity hair stylist Sheridan Ward shares his favorite hair products
* Ward has worked on a slew of famous manes from Nicole Kidman to Drew Barrymore
* Products for wavy, colored treated, and short hair styles

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Image courtesy of Sheridan Ward[/caption]

There’s no greater confidence-booster than waking up to a “good hair day.” Sometimes these days come unexpectedly, but if you’re not a hair pro, getting your locks to look luxe when you need them to can mean battling good hair’s trifecta of factors: spontaneous luck, skill, and having the right products on hand.

We sat down with celebrity hair stylist, Sheridan Ward, to get some pointers on what we should be using in our hair. The London-born, LA-based hair guru knows a thing or two about making hair look flawless–he’s worked on some of the most prized manes in Hollywood, including Nicole Kidman, Drew Barrymore, Chloë Moretz and Michelle Williams, to name a few.

He’s no stranger to some of fashion’s heavyweights either, working for supermodels like Alessandra Ambrosio and working on set for shoots with Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Here’s what #SheridanSuggests for your hair — whether you’re in the red carpet glam room or doing it yourself at home.

1. Suave Keratin-Infused Leave-In Conditioner

Ward recommends this affordable leave-in conditioner for those with damaged or over-colored/bleached hair because, “the keratin helps strengthen and repair the hair.” Plus, it’s a shapeshifting product–Ward uses it as a leave-in conditioner and a heat-protecting cream prior to styling hair with heat tools.

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2. Gorilla Snot Gel

“This gel is what it says it is…it looks like gorilla snot and it has a gorilla on the package… but don’t be fooled. This gel is hardcore and will hold any style in place for hours.” Ward says it’s also great for keeping flyaways and baby hairs at bay. “Apply a thin layer of GS to stubborn baby hairs, hold in place and heat with your fave hair dryer on a medium/low heat until dry.”


3. Sebastian Shaper Hairspray

This hairspray offers hold, without making hair stiff and sticky. “This versatile hair spray has great hold for any hairstyle and doesn’t flake. [It’s formulated with] brushable texture technology so it’s easy to remove with one stroke of a brush.” Never get stuck with super-glue locks again.


4. Bumble & Bumble Surf Infusion

This texturizing spray gives your hair an endless summer appeal–without the sandy mess and dryness. “This genius product contains oil as well as salt to give shine and texture [for] that perfect healthy beachy hair look,” Ward says.


5. Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo

Ward rates this product number one for dry shampoos because “[it] contains oat milk, so it’s super light and doesn’t build up, so you can use every day to add light texture and absorb unnecessary oils. The French do it best.”


6. Malin & Goetz Hair Pomade

Ward loves this product for styling clients with short hair styles. “[It’s] great for men or women to give a little matte-free shine and definition to hair.” He’ll also use it on clients with longer hair too to help protect from damage. “[It’s great for the] ends on long hair or wavy styles, [because] it contains aloe plant and yucca extracts to prevent damage and protect hair.”


7. Sam McKnight Easy Updo

Alternatively dubbed “hair grip in can,” by Sam McKnight, Ward relies on this product for quick and easy up-do’s that last. “[It’s] the best product to get hair up in a flash, [and] gives the hair incredible grit and grab. Perfect for creating insta-volume for death-defying styles.”

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Image courtesy of Sam McKnight[/caption]


8. John Masters Organic Argan Oil

“This 2 for 1 product is for hair and skin and it is brilliant,” Ward says. “It smooths and shines the hair, giving it a mirror-like shine, and it’s also a great protector to add to ends of hair prior to flat ironing.” It’s not just for your hair either, you can use this on the face. “Apply [this] on your skin before bed for super hydrated smooth skin in the morning; it has amazing anti wrinkle properties.”


9. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

This spray is like a dry shampoo on steroids. It adds texture and volume, giving you that coveted “I woke up like this” look. Ward says, “[it] gives [you] a cool girl texture to make any done style a little more undone and disheveled.” It also smells amazing.

Find out more about Sheridan Ward, and see his work on his website and Instagram.

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