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Guys, Here’s Why You Should Be Using Men’s Hair Wax

We need to talk about hair wax. Before you break out into nervous sweats, we said hair wax. Not waxing hair.

Hair wax is the one hair product you need if you’re only going to use one hair product. Hair wax and hair gel can often achieve similar styles and finishes, but they do have some very important differences. Namely, hair wax often can last longer and remain, in a word, fresher. Hair gel often contains alcohol whereas hair wax does not. By not including alcohol in its list of ingredients, hair wax is less likely to dry out your hair and stays pliable longer.

Hair wax can also be referred to as pomade, but the major difference is that pomade often has a shiny finish, something worth noting when you’re deciding which product to use.

We love using hair wax because it’s a great all-in-one product. Often thought of as simply a way to hold your hair in place, hair wax is so much more than an alternative to hairspray. Many of the best men’s hair waxes come with conditioning agents and moisturizing oils that keep your hair looking shiny and healthy. Hair wax can add volume to thinning hair and also help tame hair that has become unruly either because of natural elements like humidity, or simply because your mane needs to be tamed (guys with curls, we are looking at you).

Hair wax is also a great way to add texture to your hair. If you’re looking for a product that will give your hair a touchable and tousled look without the hard or sticky effect that can often come with hairspray or hair gel, it’s time to give the best hair wax a try.

1. TIGI Bed Head for Men Workable Hair Wax

If smooth is your mood and you want to avoid too much shine, this hair wax from TIGI is the way to go. Bed Head is made with pliable wax for maximum definition with a natural finish that won’t look too styled, just styled enough. Like many of the best hair wax for men, this high-quality product is made with natural beeswax, caranauba and a blend of polymers for easy separation and resistance against moisture and humidity. If you want a strong hold without a ton of fuss, this hair wax is for you.

Pros: Definition and a matte finish, humidity resistance, high-quality ingredients.

Cons: If too much gets on your skin it could cause a breakout.

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2. Old Spice Swagger Fiber Hair Wax

This Swagger Fiber Wax from Old Spice packs all their mane-taming, hair-styling power into a great performing hair wax. It’s got a flexible hold for a variety of hair types and a moderate shine — so you’ll look styled without looking too glossy. Introduce versatility into your look with short, medium or long curly hair and enjoy a fresh smell especially when paired with their shampoo, conditioner, body wash and deodorant.

Pros: Works for all hair types, flexible hold that’s moldable, easy to shape, moderate shine that’s not too glossy.

Cons: Can leave a sticky, dried residue on your hands after styling.

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3. Hair Dough Styling Clay Hair Wax for Men

Hair Dough’s Styling Clay hair wax is ideal for all hairstyles and will last you all day long, even during physical exertion and sweating. It’ll texturize and thicken your hair to give you that full look you’re looking for without any leftover residue or shine. It’s a water based and water soluble pomade that styles your hair through the use of clays, waxes and natural oils and no harmful chemicals. Best of all, whether your hair is long and wavy or short and thinning this styling clay will work for you.

Pros: All-day hold even while sweating, works for all hairstyles, water-based and soluble and no harsh chemicals.

Cons: It absorbs quickly during styling so spreading it throughout your head can be difficult.

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4. Smooth Viking Hair Styling Wax for Men

Smooth Viking’s hair gel is for guys who want a medium-hold style without all that unnecessary greasy shine. This hair wax has a matte finish for a tousled feel that still looks natural. The consistency was made for shorter hairstyles and has enough holding power for dry or even slightly damp hair. Hold everything in place and increase the fullness in your hair with this hydrating hair wax for men.

Pros: Medium-hold without unnecessary shine, designed to texturize hair, can be used on dry or damp hair effectively.

Cons: The smell might be unpleasant for some users.

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5. GATSBY Spiky Edge Hair Wax

This hair wax from GATSBY has a strong hold best suited for short hair. It’s recommended for hair that’s short to very short, and has a ton of styling power without extensive shine. It’s made in Japan and paraben-free. It’s got the same consistency as much more expensive hair wax without the hefty price tag. It also has a mildly fruity smell that’s a plus.

Pros: Strong hold for short hair, great consistency for the price tag, paraben-free and fruity smell.

Cons: Only works well with short hair.

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