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A New COVID Subvariant Is Here. Keep Yourself Protected With One of These Top-Rated Hand Soaps

It’s probably safe to say that you had never washed your hands as often as you did during the height of the pandemic. And while this healthy habit may have fallen off, hand washing (with or without the best hand soap) remains a key way to help keep yourself illness-free and prevent the spread of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses.

Even with the seasonal swing of the flu virus and the recent emergence of a highly transmissible COVID-19 subvariant, one undisputed, tried-and-tested answer to fighting the spread of these viruses is hand washing. That’s why it’s a good idea to make washing your hands a life-long habit. So for the sake of your health, hands and your olfactory enjoyment, keep one of the best hand soaps close by.

Why It’s Important to Wash Your Hands

Regularly washing your hands is a good idea if you prefer being illness-free and want to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, such as the XBB.1.5 variant and the flu virus. But hand washing doesn’t just keep these news-worthy threats at bay, the chances of encountering other issues like the common cold and food poisoning can be lessened with disciplined hand washing. That’s why hand washing before, during and after cooking is a must, in addition to before and after eating. You may think washing your hands after going to the toilet is obvious, but you may also be surprised at the number of people who still don’t. (We should all probably be a little concerned by the number of people who answered “sometimes/rarely/never” to handwashing questions in this Puronics survey.)

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There are also less apparent occasions when hand washing is still important, such as after handling money or petting animals. It is actually possible to reduce the chances of contracting illness for you and others by washing your hands properly after coming into contact with any potentially harmful bacteria and germs. Remember, although you can rarely see these potential infections, they are literally everywhere.

If you still don’t believe us as to why washing your hands is important and need convincing that performing more than quick hover under the faucet is key, here are some of the major benefits and reasons to stick with washing your hands using some of the best liquid hand soaps:

  • Prevents the spread of infections and illnesses
  • Removes germs and bacteria
  • Reduces the likelihood of getting sick with diarrhea
  • Reduces the possibility of catching a cold
  • More effective than using hand sanitizer
  • Leaves your hands smelling fresh
  • Sets a good example for younger children
  • Washes away dirt and unwanted marks

How to Wash Your Hands Properly

We’re sure you know the drill, but just in case, the CDC recommends washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds (hum the “Happy Birthday” song to make sure you get the timing right) under clean, running water. Make sure you lather up with one of the best hand soap brands to ensure it reaches between your fingers, under your nails, around your thumbs, and the backs of your hands, too. Yes, the best hand sanitizers work in a pinch, but a good old-fashioned wash with soap and water wins whenever you have the option. 

So now we know the why and the how, but what is the best hand soap to choose for your home? Let’s take a look at some of the key factors to consider before you make your decision. 

The Best Hand Soap & Wash for Your Skin

If you find that regular hand washing takes a toll on your mitts and leaves your skin feeling dry and itchy, it’s time to consider investing in one of the best hand soaps. After all, it’s possible to stay safe without drying out your skin every time you wash your hands. To help prevent your hands from drying out when you wash them, opt for a hand soap which includes hydrating ingredients, such as glycerin or shea butter, along with a humectant that keeps water in the skin.

Additionally, it’s worth siding with hand washes that contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E and olive oil. And when treating your senses, any hand soap rich which utilizes essential oils is sure to please.

Lastly, consider the vessel the hand soap is supplied in. It’s often the case that your hands are dirty when you arrive to wash them, so dealing with a fiddly bottle which requires one or two hands to open may not be your best option.

Whether you’re looking for a new foaming hand soap that won’t dry out your skin, or a luxe hand wash for guest bathrooms, there are a ton of great options for sale online. Shop the best hand soaps at every price point below to keep your paws happy and healthy.



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This California-crafted hand soap boasts a beautiful Mount Koya-inspired hinoki scent. One Le Labo Hand Soap pump can transport you to the very hinoki tree-filled forests surrounding the mountain from which the inspiration comes. The plant-based formula gives this soap a high-quality, thick texture, and the bottle includes a handy pump for easy distribution. Ingredients include sea buckthorn, rosemary leaf, and sugar cane to give you a cleansing, soothing soap that’s full of antioxidants.


Leave your guests’ hands hydrated, purified and beautifully scented with this MALIN+GOETZ Rum Hand Wash. This soap combines amino acid technology with a spicy rum fragrance to deliver a naturally foaming gel that releases aromatic appeal as you clean. It’s also free from parabens, phthalates, and silicone, and you can add it to your bath for a delightfully scented and foaming bath time experience.


Enjoy a different scent in each bathroom in your home by choosing this multi-pack of Sapadilla Hand Soaps. Every pack comes with three different hand soap scents, namely Rosemary + Peppermint, Grapefruit + Bergamot, and Sweet Lavender + Lime. These hand soaps are made from high-quality, plant-based ingredients which deeply moisturize and cleanse your skin. Furthermore, the appealing scents are the result of included essential oils, rather than artificial colors or fragrances.


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With more than 14,000 five-star ratings from happy Amazon customers, the Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap is one of the best reviewed options on our list. This biodegradable soap comes in either rainwater, rhubarb or apple scents. It’s also supplied in a handy user-friendly, push-top bottle which makes one-handed or elbow distribution comfortable. The soap’s formula also contains aloe vera, essential oils and olive oil, delivering in a skin-friendly treatment which smells great at the same time.


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If you’re looking for a simple, no-frills option, this Method Sea Minerals Hand Soap is the best hand soap for everyday use at home. Method’s formula goes on smoothly, lathers well and rinses off easily. The light fragrance isn’t overpowering but instead is just enough to leave your skin clean and refreshed. Method also sells refills if you run out or want to use your own pump bottle.


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J.R. Watkins Foaming Hand Soap is made from naturally-sourced, plant-based products and is crafted for use at sinks all around the home, from bathrooms to the kitchen. It has been infused with lemon oil to give your hands a refreshing post-wash citrus scent. This appealing scent helps you look forward to washing your hands. For the best results when cleaning, it’s recommended that you lather the soap in your hands first for at least 30 seconds prior to washing the suds away with water.


The Everyone Hand Soap features an appealing lemon and mandarin scent which will have you looking forward to the next time you need to wash your hands. The plant-based cleanser is made up of a range of organic botanical extracts, essential oils and organic herbs. It’s also produced in a zero-waste manufacturing process and comes in a 100% recycled bottle, making this cleaner one of the most environmentally responsible options on our list. Plus, it has received more than 10,000 five-star ratings from Amazon users.


This OG classic still gets the job done! The fact that the antibacterial hand soap kills 99% of germs will ease your COVID-19 fears. Its Spring Water scent is delightfully fresh and clean. Green bonus: Dial makes refills, so you can reuse your original bottle time and again to cut down on plastic.


This Bigelow Chemists hand soap is more affordable than our other picks for the best hand wash, but you wouldn’t know that after using it. This luxe product boasts skin-friendly lemon extracts and contains plenty of natural hydrators to nourish and moisturize skin. The lemon extract packs a ton of Vitamin C into this formula as well. It works up into a rich lather for a satisfying hand washing experience. The brand’s best-selling hand soap is made right in the United States.


Going back to all that hand soap we’ve been using, that also means emptying plenty of plastic bottles. When it comes to the best eco hand soap, nothing beats MyKirei by KAO Yuzu Flower Foam Hand Wash. The innovative air bottle is refillable, uses just half the usual amount of plastic, and is 100% recyclable. Each refill has enough soap to wash your hands hundreds of times. The formula is just as impressive, tapping into the traditional Japanese ingredient yuzu, which is packed with Vitamin C to brighten and hydrate, as well as rice water with vitamins to soften and smooth skin. The airy, clean citrus scent of yuzu fruit delivers an energy boost, plus the formula is pH balanced.


When there’s a family full of hands to wash, Safeguard Liquid Hand Soap is a great all-round winner. It focuses purely on the core objective of washing away bacteria and germs using a micellar deep cleansing technique. It has also been dermatologically censored by the Skin Health Alliance so you can feel confident using it on all types and ages of skin. Educate your whole family about this budget-friendly and highly effective hand soap.


Produced following an age-old method using a cauldron and high-quality oils, this French-made liquid soap can be used on your hands and body for a cleansing, skin-friendly treatment. Inside the soap, you’ll find a range of naturally-sourced ingredients, including coconut oil, black tea, and blackberry. These elements come together to provide a naturally hydrating soap that releases hints of black tea and blackberry as it’s used. It’s also presented in a modern, lacquered glass-pump vessel to add a touch of class to any bathroom arrangement.


The natural goodness of Yes To never ceases to amaze and this hand soap is no exception. Made with 98 percent natural ingredients, it’s free of all the bad stuff (like petroleum, SLS, artificial colors, and parabens) and will leave your hands smelling and feeling great. The grapefruit and fresh basil scent lingers on hands, leaving your skin refreshed and reinvigorated.


Supplied in a pump-top vessel that oozes class from the outset, the Antica Farmacista Cask Hand Wash will win your guests over from first sight. While the best hand soaps usually choose botanicals, essential oils, and floral fragrances for their products, this product features more masculine ingredients. Instead of smelling like a bouquet, this hand wash features notes of tobacco, leather, and cognac. Rather than stripping away your skin’s natural oil, this hand wash uses natural ingredients to keep your skin healthy, clean and smelling fresh.



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Dr. Barbara Sturm Hand Wash is a premium choice of hand soap which has been carefully designed to deeply cleanse your hands without removing any of your skin’s natural oils or moisture. Its color-free formula contains only plant-based ingredients which have anti-aging and antioxidative properties, protecting your skin’s natural membranes. Additionally, this fragrance-free hand wash includes a herbal plant complex which can help to restore your skin’s natural protective shield after every wash.


Indulge in the best plant-based soaps by choosing this Casswell-Massey Plant-Based Bar Soap Set. The three-pack of soaps includes the most popular fragrances which are made up of the Number Six Soap, Masculine Jockey Club, and Almond Cold Cream. Each bar delivers a full-bodied fragrance which is loved by both men and women. For a more luxurious feel, these soaps have been triple-milled to remove as much water and air as possible, helping them create a richer lather and longer-lasting fragrance, especially when compared to lower quality alternatives.



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A simple way to impress your guests is to send them home with soft, clean and delightful-smelling hands, and that’s exactly what this Diptyque Hand Wash will do. The French label soap features a whole host of delicious-smelling citrus notes. These include orange flower blossom, bitter orange notes, juniper berry and floral petit grain. With a shea butter base, this luxury hand wash will leave you and your guests’ olfactory sense entertained. In addition to cleaning your skin, these ingredients help return your skin to its natural softness and provide a feeling of being spa-treated. Customers who have enjoyed this hand wash remark how the beautiful scent is perfect for an uplifting moment during a hectic day.



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If you’ve never enjoyed the mix of lime, basil and mandarin before, this Jo Malone Hand Wash is the perfect way to give it a try. The fresh citrus and fruit aromas that come from the formula can’t help but put you and your guests in a happy and relaxed mood. Meanwhile, the soap works to clean your skin and leaves traces of the delicious scent on the skin’s surface for hours after each wash. In addition, this hand wash is presented in a simple yet elegant bottle with a press top for easy distribution.


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Bath & Body Works Hand Soap is one of the most popular hand soap brands of the moment, making this Holiday Traditional set a great go-to gift idea for family or friends. These festive-inspired scents are made with vitamin E, shea extract, aloe vera, and essential oils. Together they create a gentle foaming hand soap. To top it off, each soap boasts its own identifiable scent which is accompanied by a Christmas-themed name, with Vanilla Bean Noel and Snowy Peach Berry being examples.


Word on the street is Britain’s Royal Family is partial to Molton Brown, so this Molton Brown Fine Liquid Hand Wash would certainly add a regal touch to your bathroom setup. Additionally, when a tropical vacation escape isn’t on the cards for the year, simply close your eyes and enjoy the mini escape from this Lime & Patchouli fragrance. Not only is it incredibly refreshing, it also lathers into a foam to cleanse hands and leave them smelling zesty fresh.


Seventh Generation Hand Soap takes a back to basics approach to being the best hand soap. Its 97 percent bio-based formula is powered by plants alone and is free from any dyes, fragrances, or triclosan. In addition, this hypoallergenic hand soap is well-suited to anyone with allergies or sensitive skin, making it a safer option to have available in bathrooms visiting family and guests may use when visiting.



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Dove has spent decades building a reputation as a brand that carefully nurtures your skin without breaking the bank, and their Caring Hand Wash is a great example of this. Super gentle on your skin, it’s designed for regular use without harming your hands. The formula contains a 1/4 moisturizing cream to hydrate hands every time you suds up, leaving them soft and smooth, making this one of the best hand soaps for anyone on a tighter budget.


Everyone should be washing their hands on a regular basis, without exception. This is why the Muse Apothecary Aromatic and Nourishing Hand Soap is a fantastic gift for all. As far as the best hand soap goes, this creative brand has taken time to create an aesthetically pleasing bottle with an appealingly scented product inside. The aim of this hand soap is to make the chore of handwashing more enjoyable. When upon your favorite shampoo and conditioner, make sure to add a bottle of this popular and well-loved hand soap to your basket.



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UK brand Baylis & Harding is finally bringing its vegan, plant-based formulas stateside, including its Lemon Grass and Ginger Hand Soap. The wash is as good for your hands as it is for the planet, with its top-notch organic extracts and essential oils that make up a 98% naturally derived formula that’s vegan, 95% biodegradable, and has a 100% post-consumer recycled bottle and packaging. Its addicting fragrance is courtesy of a blend of more than 10 essential oils.