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Outgrow It: The 4 Best Ingrown Hair Treatments Under $35

* Smart ways to remove irritating ingrown hairs
* Relieves tender skin and redness
* Treatments that double as cleansers and exfoliating products

All that plucking, shaving and waxing can really irritate your skin, turn it red and cause unsightly ingrown hairs. We’ve all experienced those red raised bumps that spring up under our underarms, chin or in the tender bikini area. They aren’t pretty and sometimes they can become quite painful. Fortunately, there are plenty of products to help you prevent and treat ingrown hairs. Here are four affordable and smart solutions to combat this common problem.

1. Tweezers for Ingrown Hair

A hair’s a hair, no matter how small, and these tweezers are designed to be able to get them all. The stainless steel slant design offers precision grooming and seamless ingrown hair removal.


2. Tend Skin Liquid

Now you can relax before that wax with Tend Skin. When applied before a shave, wax, or electrolysis, this highly-review product helps protect your skin from those awful razor bumps and reduces redness. An added bonus: you can even use this as a facial cleanser.


3. Bikini Saver Plus In-Grow Medi Cream

Bikini season is just around the corner. Get those arms and legs ready with this gentle cream that some call ‘liquid gold’. It delivers relief from razor bumps and soothes ingrown hairs. Plus, it’s safe for your face and other delicate areas. Don’t go into summer without it.


4. Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment

Ok gentlemen, you can’t keep this gem to yourselves. Although developed for men, women are scooping it up as fast as they can. Why? This treatment actually exfoliates your skin, kills bacteria and releases trapped ingrown hairs. The result? Your skin is left feeling fresh, not irritable and red.