Outgrow It: The 5 Best Ingrown Hair Treatments Under $25

ingrown hair removal best treatments under
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* A range of effective ingrown hair treatments
* Say goodbye to itchy, raised, red spot-filled areas after shaving or waxing
* These treatments won’t break the bank at under $25 each

It’s hard to ignore ingrown hairs. At the very least, they create raised, red spots that itch. And when you get a lot in the same area, they can leave you with skin you’d rather not show off. At worst, ingrown hairs become infected and puss-filled, leading to all kinds of complications. Fortunately, there are many problems that can treat this common problem, and for less than $25.

Below you’ll find a range of products that are all designed to rid you of unsightly post hair removal bumps. These products will leave you with smoother skin so that you can feel confident and comfortable.

1. DYLONIC Exfoliating Brush

This tough brush works to eradicate ingrown hairs and razor bumps through the flexible bristles on the brush head. By applying these bristles to the areas of concern in a circular motion twice a day, you’ll enjoy beautifully smooth skin. The versatile brush can be used wet or dry and is fine for use on all types of skin. It also has an easy-to-hold handle to ensure the brush fits comfortably in your palm and doesn’t slip during use.

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2. Shaveworks The Cool Fix

Shaveworks Cool Fix gel has a complex formula that combines a number of exfoliating agents. These work together to prevent ingrown hairs. The agents can also release hairs that are already trapped within the skin. This daily treatment, which can be applied before and after shaving, provides a soothing effect upon the skin and can be used in all the commonly affected areas, like your legs, underarms and bikini area. The Cool Fix can also help reduce bumps and ingrown hairs in more delicate areas, including your eyebrows and upper lip.

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3. Penchant Bare Ingrown Hair Treatment

With plenty of customers who swear by its effectiveness, Penchant Bare Treatment is great for the prevention and relief of both razor burn and ingrown hairs. It’s filled with a mix of ingredients that aid in the reduction of redness and irritation. It can be used on your face, arms, legs and any other part of your body, and it’s great for people of any age too. The twist-top bottle has been made to prevent waste and mess during the application process.

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4. Kerah Lane Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Formula

Using an organic-based blend comprised of aloe vera, witch hazel, lavender, lemon essential oils and more, this Kerah Lane Formula is safe for use on even the most sensitive areas of your body. Whether you use a razor, epilator, tweezers or wax, this unique formula will soothe your skin and eliminate annoying ingrown hairs. As a bonus, the wide-ranging formula will also work against bumps, acne and excess bacteria to leave your skin looking its best.


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5. Tend Skin The Skin Care Solution

One of the most effective and fast acting treatments on our list, Tend Skin Solution can free sensitive areas from ingrown hairs and razor bumps in as little as 24 hours. Simply apply the liquid to your skin after shaving, waxing or any other form of hair removal. Then, let the advanced formula get to work. After allowing the solution to sit, you’ll enjoy skin free from bumps, redness and ingrown hairs.

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