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This $12 Face Roller Is Made From Himalayan Jade Stone Which Helps Reduce Wrinkles and Puffiness

* Ramp up your wellness routine
* Made from authentic Jade from China
* Reduce facial swelling and promote better circulation

Facial rolling is the new buzzword in the beauty industry, and one of the biggest trends in skin care of the year (for good reason). Face rolling can be likened to a kind of mini facial that you can do yourself using a small roller specifically made for your facial contours. While the rollers are made with different materials, the most popular and effective ones are made from genuine jade. These rollers have been around for centuries and are said to be one of the best natural anti-aging and de-puffing skin care tools you can use.

A great and affordable option is the

. It is made from real Jade stone that comes from mountains in China, which is believed to have great beneficial properties for not only the skin but also your wellbeing, such as drawing out negative energy and balancing your chi.  Using a facial rollers can also stimulate collagen production, plump fine lines and accelerate cell turnover time, provide relief from tension headaches, and tighten and firm skin and tone facial muscles for improved elasticity.

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While they can be used anywhere at any time, morning is always ideal as that is when your face needs the most “help.” Use of this roller acts as a “rolling pin” for your face and will help to depuff and reduce dark under eye circles. You can even leave yours in your fridge or freezer to amp up the de-puffing effect.

This jade roller comes complete with a quick start card that explains how and where to roll the face, an e-book and pouch to help keep your roller protected.


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