These Crazy-Looking Reader Glasses Are Actually a Godsend For Makeup Application

Makeup Eyeglasses Light up in the
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* See fine details during makeup application
* Lightweight and convenient to carry in your purse or bag
* Comes with a carrying case and cleaning cloth

Getting ready to go out should be a stress-free and fun occasion. But what if you’re one of these people who takes hours to do your makeup? Even if you have the best products, it’s not always easy to apply your foundation and blush, not to mention eyeliner and mascara

Well, if you have some visual acuity, are new to makeup application or just need to be up close and personal with the mirror, then these Magnifying Makeup Eyeglasses will help.

Makeup Magnifying Glasses Light Up In The Dark Image Courtesy Amazon

These reader glasses are unique in that they essentially help to prevent mistakes while putting on eye and face makeup, by acting as magnifying mirrors. These glasses have adjustable wireframes with hinges that fold down, one at a time, to help you apply eyeliner, shadow, mascara and even contact lenses with precision – no more squinting or straining. Simply flip down one of the glass specs to view one eye as you make up the other.

In addition to the adjustable wire frames, these glasses are also equipped with a 3x, optical quality glass lenses which also help make it easier to see up close and personal to tweeze even the tiniest of eyebrow hairs. Once your makeup application is complete, these glasses can be used for reading as well.

The makeup glasses come with a protective case and cleaning cloth. Keep the frames in your bag or purse for handy touch-ups. Makes a great gift for the other women in your life too.

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