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This $17 Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Will Give Your Brushes the Clean They Need

* Makeup brushes are often forgotten about when it comes to cleaning
* Cleaning your brushes reduces the spread of bacteria and prevents breakouts
* This affordable electric brush cleaner makes this tiresome task quick and easy

Admit it, you skip cleaning your makeup brushes way more than you should. You’re not alone. The task of cleaning makeup brushes is a drag – even though it’s critical if you want to avoid spreading bacteria. Whether it’s too time consuming or you simply don’t feel the need to, there is an easy solution to put an end to this bad habit.

Electric makeup brush cleaners make cleaning quick and convenient for those who don’t have a lot of time, or are a makeup artist who uses their brushes on a multitude of different people.

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This brush cleaner kit comes with the electric cleaner, a spinning bowl, eight different sized brush collars, a collar stand and an instruction manual all for just $17. Simply choose a brush collar that fits your brush best, attach it to the electric cleaner and turn it on to start cleaning. Because the cleaner spins your brush at such a fast rate, it also begins to dry your brushes as soon as they’re done being cleansed.

Cleaning your makeup brushes should be something you incorporate into your weekly routine. It will help reduce breakouts and clogged pores because having clean brushes prevents the spread of bacteria on your skin. If you’re looking for a quick and convenient way to clean, give this electric brush cleaning kit a try.


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