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This $18 Boar Bristle Brush is The Best Dupe For The $100+ Mason Pearson We’ve Found So Far

* Mason Pearson Boar Bristle Brushes are loved by celebrity hair stylists
* These fancy brushes retail at over $100, but alternatives do exist
* Try this Denman brush if you don’t want to pay so much for a Mason Pearson

For over a hundred years, women have sworn by the classic Mason Pearson hair brush. These cult-classic boar bristle brushes were first designed in 1905 by Mason Pearson. Made with both nylon and boar bristles, the secret to this rubber-cushion brush is in the spacing, which allows the bristles to gently detangle, defrizz and distribute naturals oils through the hair to promote better hydration.

Of course, this cult-status hair brush doesn’t come cheap. Mason Pearson hair brushes retail at over $100, with some models costing even more. That’s partially because parts of the brush are still made by hand and cannot be massed produced. But if you don’t want to drop that kind of cash on a hair brush, alternatives definitely do exist.

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In fact, this Denman Natural Bristle Brush is the best dupe we’ve found so far for the Mason Pearson. The large cushion brush is designed with both natural bristles and single nylon quills, just like the Mason Pearson. This ‘porcupine effect’ is essential for reducing frizz and the general grooming of you hair. Furthermore, the Denman is lightweight and boasts a balanced handle for excellent control.

The best selling point for the

is that it retails at just under $20. That’s a huge saving over the $100+ Mason Pearson. In addition, the Denman boasts excellent reviews on Amazon with several reviewers mentioning the build quality and recommending it as a feasible alternative to its more expensive counterpart.