Cool Combs: 4 New Comb Styles Every Man Should Know

Best Men’s Combs: 4 New Combs
Image courtesy of Mr. Porter

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* Every guy needs a good comb
* One of our favorite brands: Buly 1803
* All handmade with high-end acetate in Switzerland

Unless you’re rocking the Jason Statham/Bruce Willis no hair look, you need a decent comb. Whether you have a beard, a head of hair, or both, investing in a good comb is a crucial step on the road to expert-level suave.

Most guys don’t look further than their local Walgreens, but there are actually companies out there that spend time designing and producing quality combs that will leave you looking coiffed and feeling sophisticated. You’re not in junior high anymore; get a comb that matches your age and grown-up locks.

One such brand is Buly 1803, a Swiss company that hand-makes premium, elegant combs. Here are four of our favorites – all suited for different grooming needs.

1. Buly 1803 Horn-Effect Acetate Beard Comb

Give your prized beard (or mustache) the care it deserves with this Buly beard comb. It’s fashioned with an ergonomic handle for control, and made to resist the chipping and bending that happens with cheap combs.

Bear Comb Image courtesy of Mr. Porter


2. Buly 1803 Horn-Effect Acetate Folding Comb

A folding comb is very handy if you’re out all day and need to freshen up before happy hour or date night. Buly knows that any accessory, including a portable comb, should be as handsome and polished as its owner. The slim design tucks easily into your jacket pocket (or up your sleeve – just in case).

Folding Comb Image courtesy of Mr. Porter


3. Buly 1803 Tortoiseshell Acetate Handle Comb

Buly’s classic handle comb is great for everyday use. It’s made of durable, high-end tortoiseshell acetate, and features the brand’s gold signature on the top.

Men's Handle Comb Image courtesy of Mr. Porter


4. Buly 1803 Tortoiseshell Acetate Dressing Comb

The classic dressing comb is upgraded with premium tortoiseshell acetate, and comes with a pouch to keep this stylish comb looking like new in your bathroom drawer or while traveling.

Men's Comb Image courtesy of Mr. Porter

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