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It May be Time to Switch Out Your Regular Deodorant for One of These Top Organic Finds

Natural and organic everything is THE buzzword in skincare these days and it is here to stay. And, when it comes to deodorants and/or antiperspirants, all-natural and organic may be the healthiest way to go. While there are a lot of hits and misses in the natural deodorant space and we all know bodies differ from person to person, there are some great brands out there that took the time to create formulas that do work and will provide a safe and natural alternative.

Below are a few great organic and natural deodorants that come in different formulations and, most importantly, are aluminum-free. Your options include the everyday stick variety, a couple of roll-ons and one cream version that may take some getting used to but will make a huge difference and keep you fresh for 24+ hours.

Magnesium seems to be another ingredient favorite in all-natural deodorants. While it doesn’t serve a purpose in fighting odor-causing bacteria, the addition of this crucial mineral in your deodorant can offer some ancillary health benefits and we have two options below that will provide this added benefit as well.

1. Super Natural Goods Underarmed Active Botanical Deodorant

The Underarmed Deodorant by Super Natural Goods is an aluminum-free, natural deodorant formula that was created due to disappointment by other natural deodorant brands. This formula uses all-natural, organic ingredients such as coconut oil, lavender, eucalyptus, and honey to detox your body and nourish skin while keeping it damage-free from chemicals. Each of these sticks is handmade in Nashville, is great for men, women, and children and goes on clear, leaving no remnants on your clothing.

Pros: It has a subtle lavender eucalyptus scent using only therapeutic grade native essential oils and nothing synthetic.

Cons: Due to the coconut oil content, the stick may need to be warmed slightly before use.

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2. Little Seed Farm Deodorant Cream

The Deodorant Cream by Little Seed Farm is an activated charcoal deodorant cream that has a silky-smooth texture and easily glides onto the skin. The benefit of using a cream vs. a stick deodorant is that creams tend to last longer and you don’t have to use as much to reap the same benefits. To make application a little easier, Little Seed Farm provides a free wooden scoop stick with this deodorant or you can use your fingers to apply to your underarms. Ideal for sensitive skin types, this formula promises to eliminate underarm odor for 24+ hours and their essential oil blend will keep you fresh all day long without any irritation.

Pros: This deodorant cream is handmade on a small family farm in Tennessee.

Cons: Applying with your fingers or an applicator may take some time getting used to.

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3. M3 Naturals All Natural Deodorant

This Deodorant from M3 Naturals uses an all-natural formula that ensures you will feel fresh under your arms while providing effective protection against odor and sweat. One of the main ingredients, magnesium, is gentle on the skin and may even help combat some of your daily aches and pains. Other ingredients include coconut oil, green tea, aloe, and an essential oil blend to give it a subtle yet natural scent.

Pros: This deodorant provides a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cooling effect on your skin.

Cons: If you suffer from heavy sweating, another option might be better.

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4. Art of Sport Men’s Deodorant

Art of Sport’s (AOS) Deodorant contains motion-activated, odor-blocking technology to leave you smelling great and feeling fresh all day long. Fueled by rich botanicals including matcha for energy and moisture-wicking arrowroot powder, this deodorant is also made without aluminum or parabens and is alcohol-free. This is also an invisible solid stick that goes on clear and leaves no stains or marks on clothing.

Pros: Cooling eucalyptus and orange peel provide for a soft, fresh scent.

Cons: Protection may not last as long as other products.

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5. Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant

The Natural Deodorant by Bali Secrets uses natural mineral salt along with seaweed extract to keep you fresh by naturally reducing the conditions responsible for unwanted body odor. Unlike our other options, this is an easy-to-use, strong and reliable roll-on deodorant that will not cause any annoying stains on your clothes and will provide effective odor protection sans any stickiness. With the formulation of this deodorant, a little goes a long way — simply shake well and apply directly to your underarms.

Pros: This deodorant only uses a handful of natural ingredients, keeping it simple.

Cons: This product contains a small amount of alcohol.

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6. Native Deodorant

Native’s Deodorant is one of the more popular natural options on the market and never uses any harsh chemicals in any of their products. Native not only feels light and fresh under your arms but will provide you with effective protection against odor and wetness. This is a solid formula that applies easily, will keep your odor at bay and will not stain your clothes. Cruelty-free, Native never tests on animals and uses ingredients like baking soda and tapioca starch that are known for neutralizing odor-causing bacteria to keep you feeling fresh and dry.

Pros: This product is ideal for sensitive skin types.

Cons: This product may need to be reapplied throughout the day.

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7. Nasanta Magnesium Deodorant

The Magnesium Deodorant by Nasanta is an Australian brand and our second roll-on deodorant option. It is named after one of its main ingredients, magnesium, which is a mineral our bodies need for energy production, nerve transmission, protein synthesis, muscle relaxation and a host of other important functions. When used in deodorant, it not only minimizes odor caused by excessive perspiration, but also absorbs more effectively through your skin. This healthy formula is free from all forms of aluminum, works for both men and women and is unscented.

Pros: Your underarms will not sting upon application when applied.

Cons: Using an excess amount of this product may leave a white residue. It also takes longer to dry than most of the other options on our list.

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