The 7 Best Shave Clubs of 2020 to Help You Look Well Groomed On the Daily

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Founding father Benjamin Franklin once said that the only things that were certain were death and taxes. While that axiom is still true today, we’d like to think there’s a little wiggle room to include shaving in that list. Even if you’re trying to grow a beard that would envy that of Rip Van Winkle, you’ll probably have to shave at some point or another. So when that moment arises, why waste time going to the drug store to pick upand probably overpayon a razor and shaving cream when you can just have it all sent to you?

Enter: Shave clubs. By providing a subscription service that mails you new razors each month, shave clubs eliminate all the hassle of that drugstore experience, so you can just, you know, shave. To that end, many clubs now can even send you pre- and post-shaving balms, facial moisturizers and more depending on what you need, all focused on ease of use. But we’re taking an easy process and making it even easier. By rounding up seven of the top shaving clubs available, all that’s left is for you to focus on getting your best shave possible. Our picks, below.


1. Harry’s


Harry’s wasn’t the first company to start selling razors online, but they’re perhaps the ones that perfected it. Founded in 2013, the brand focused on overhauling the entire shaving experience, including designing a razor that’s easy, comfortable and intuitive to use. The cartridge has all the typical features you’re used to seeing (five blades, a flex hinge, lubricating strip and a precision trimmer) while costing less than a standard refill. We really love the handle, which has a textured grip for control (and while there are different colors to use from, the orange one will add a nice pop of color to your bathroom). And if that wasn’t enough, the shave cream has aloe and cucumber to refresh and hydrate your skin throughout the shaving experience.

The starter set (which includes one blade, a handle, shaving gel and a blade cover) starts at only $8, with a variety of subscription options (including refills on not only blades, but also shaving cream as well). Oh, and if you don’t like the order, it’s on the house. From start to finish, Harry’s is focused on making something as tedious as shaving fun.

harrys-razors Image Courtesy of Harry’s Courtesy of Harry's

Harry's Razor Kit



2. Bevel


For those who want the feeling of an old-school, wet shave, Bevel offers the shaving kit for you. The complete system includes a safety razor, a brush to apply the brand’s natural ingredient cream (it’s made from all kinds of oils and moisture to help protect your face), and plenty of that great aforementioned shave cream. With three different plans depending on your shaving frequency, there’s plenty of flexibility to ensure you’re getting what you need. Bevel also boasts that their system will actually help you see clearer, smoother skin in about month, so if you’re a person that constantly sees lots of skin irritation, this is a worthwhile switch to make. The starter set comes with 60 blades, a handle, and all the items needed for a perfectly smooth face (shave soap, shave brush, etc).

bevel_razor Image Courtesy of Bevel

Bevel Razor Kit



3. Supply


While other shaving supply companies pile on blade after blade, Supply takes a more minimalist and simplistic approach. By offering one blade (in a style similar to a safety razor) you’re avoiding all that irritation that can sometimes occur when using multiple blades. The level of precision that comes with a single blade leaves your skin feeling bump and nick-free. If you’re concerned about not getting the closeness you want, there are three different adjustable settings (sensitive, comfortable and ultra-close) to ensure you get what you need for your face. Additionally, the full starter kit comes with a lathering brush, shaving cream, healing post-shave spray and eight blades (roughly a three-month supply).

If you’re looking for the cheapest possible morning shave, this isn’t it. But if you’re looking for premium men’s grooming tools that will give you a great, clean shave, then Supply does it best.

Supply Shaving Kit Courtesy of Supply

Supply Single Edge Starter Set



4. Gillette


Gillette was a little late to the punch on the whole subscription service razor blade trend, but they are still worthy of our attention. With subscription services for three of Gillette’s most popular razor styles — the Sensor3, Mach3 and ProShield — you’re just a click away from being able to get blades from a brand that continues to push and evolve the shaving experience. Gillette’s online shopping experience is also the most streamlined out of the five we’ve selected: You’ll just pick from one of the three razors previously mentioned, choose your frequency and then you’re right on the checkout page, for a quick and simple shopping process. Overall, Gillette continues to provide comfort and ease for the shaving experience, and there’s definitely a lot of value in that. Each package, regardless of model, comes with four cartridges, so you’ll be set for a while.

gillette_razors Image Courtesy of Gillette

Gillette Razor Blades



5. Dollar Shave Club


You might remember Dollar Shave Club from their initial, fun and clever Youtube spot, but if you don’t, they’re the shaving subscription brand that made ordering razors online into the phenomenon it is today. The company started by offering $1 razor blades but has now moved into offering a more comprehensive shaving routine that includes pre-shave face wash, shaving cream, shave butter and post-shave cream. The best part? Their introductory kit is $5 and comes with trial sizes of the various creams we just mentioned, as well as a razor and a set of four blades, making it a great option to give a shot before making a larger commitment. As with other clubs, you can adjust your subscription preferences on the fly as you see fit. Dollar Shave Club remains a great solution if you’re just looking to take the hassle out of shaving shopping.

dollar_shave_club_razor Image Courtesy of Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club Ultimate Shave Starter Kit



6. Public Goods


The artist formally known as Morgan’s has shifted to a new name Public Goods and expanded to focus on health, writ large. However, there’s still a dedicated shaving club service as part of their offerings. Public’s razor is made with bamboo, for a stylish and sustainable upgrade from traditional metal handles. In fact, it looks so good, you may find it go missing when it’s time for your significant other to shave their face or legs.

Speaking of shaving, blade refills start at $1 for a pack of four, making them the cheapest available out of all the options. With other face care options (shaving cream and moisturizer are present here too!) to add a larger subscription service or a la carte, there’s plenty of options to make sure you’re saving face in the best way possible. Sadly, Public doesn’t offer their blades and handles together, so you’ll have to go a la carte on these options, as the handle is $11 and the blades are $1 for a set of four.

public_goods_razor Image Courtesy of Public Goods

Public Goods Razor Handle



7. The Personal Barber


Much like Bevel, The Personal Barber is an old-school style shave, but at a price point that’s considerably less. Included in their full kit is a double-edged safety razor to provide a soft and smooth close shave. Additionally, the subscription box comes complete with all the other accouterments needed for a full wet-style shave including a shave brush, shaving soap and extra blades. And don’t worry, even though they’re a U.K. outfit, they offer full shipping to the United States with no issue.

The Personal Barber Wet Shaving Box Courtesy of The Personal Barber Courtesy of The Personal Barber

The Personal Barber Wet Shaving Box