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Crazy Combs: 8 New Ways to Tame Your Hair

* Sometimes all you need is the right hair tool for the perfect hair day
* Unique hair tool options from the most basic to electronically savvy
* Swap out your cheap comb to really tame your tresses

1. Hair Conditioning Comb

This innovative and ergonomically-designed comb is created with a special blend of argan and olive oils and keratin protein infused in the proprietary resin for healthier looking hair. The combs glide through hair easily, helping to add shine and smoothness while reducing frizz. Works best on mid-length, long or thicker hair.


2. S-Curve Ball Hair Brush

The Rainbow S-Curl Air Volume Hair Brush prevents tangling with special s-curve designed bristles. The bristles are designed in such a way to help maintain your hairstyle while combing your hair and preventing snags and pulling. Ideal for thick, thin, curly, coarse or straight hair, this brush also works well with wigs and hair extensions.


3. Wet Brush Hair Brush

The magic of the Wet Brush Shine lies in the unique combination of 100% natural premium boar bristles which are blended with “intelliflex” bristles. This combination of bristles will gently detangle your hair while adding shine and removing impurities. This combination will also help boost your scalp’s circulation and spread your hair’s natural oils from root to tip leaving you with longer, thicker, smoother and all over healthier hair. Perfect for all hair types.

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4. Natural Sandalwood Horn Detangling Comb

This fine tooth sandalwood horn comb is handmade with 100% natural black buffalo horns and green sandalwood stemming from famous traditional handicrafts and Chinese medicinal practices in China over 700 years ago. Buffalo and sheep horns are precious ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine and combing hair with horn combs daily is said to relieve itchy scalp and improve the condition of hair loss. In addition, gently massaging the scalp with horn combs can promote blood circulation near the brain, relieving blood pressure and soothing the brain nerves.


5. Boar Bristle Brush

Our next option is the Boar Bristle Brush by Beauty by Earth. Boar bristles have long been touted as the healthiest and safest way to brush your hair. This brush combines pure boar bristles and nylon in a unique configuration that will both detangle stubborn knots and spread nourishing oils from your scalp all along the length of your hair. While any hair type is suitable for this brush, it is especially recommended for normal to thick hair.


6. Electric Vibration Scalp Massager Brush

The Vibration Massage Ionic brush has built in massage technology which provides tension and stress relief with up to 8,500 vibrations per minute for a deep relaxation and healthier state. The ionic function helps to relieve your hair of frizz, making your it smooth and shiny. With an ergonomic design and curved shell that fits excellently in your hand, the brush ensures great handling while providing a firm hold during use. Included with the brush is a rechargeable battery for a quick start as well.

[caption id="attachment_63855" align="aligncenter" width="412"]Hair Massager Brush Apalus Image Courtesy Amazon[/caption]


7. BMK Ionic Brush

This new brush uses ionic technology to bond with hair, closing off broken hair cuticles and reducing split ends. The soft, silicone bristles release millions of active icons, that helps to tame frizz, promote blood circulation, reduce dandruff and prevent hair loss.

[caption id="attachment_64327" align="aligncenter" width="405"]ionic hair brush Image Courtesy Amazon[/caption]


8. Hair Straightener Brush

Our last great brush innovation is the AsaVea Straightener Brush with advanced MCH ceramic heat technology to deliver a consistent and optimal styling temperature. Suitable for most hair types, the brush includes seven temperature levels to ensure a personalized experience. This brush promises smooth, straight, frizz-free hair in half the time it takes to use a simple flat iron. Included is an anti-scald design to protect your scalp from burning or scalding as well.

[caption id="attachment_63856" align="aligncenter" width="421"]AsaVea Hair Straightener Brush Image Courtesy Amazon[/caption]

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