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Heal the Burn: 10 Best Post-Sun Exposure Products

* Soothe your skin and reverse damage caused by UV rays
* All picks have 5-star customer ratings
* All priced under $30

Whether you’re beach-bound every weekend or prefer to stay home for a backyard barbecue, summertime means fun in the sun. What’s not fun is a sunburn; that’s why we’ve rounded up the best post-sun exposure lotions to soothe your skin and fight the sun’s harmful effects. From lightweight formulas to body butter and gels, check out the list and click through to shop.

1. Aloe Gator After Sun Lotion

Aloe Gator After Sun Lotion is formulated with aloe vera and Vitamin E to soothe and replenish your skin after exposure to the sun and wind. The rich texture relieves itching and irritation, while nine botanical extracts leave your skin soft and refreshed — you’ll heal faster and peel less.


2. Piz Buin After Sun Lotion

This lotion relieves irritated skin on contact thanks to a light, non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly. Not only will Piz Buin After Sun Lotion instantly soothe rashes caused by the sun, sand and wind, but it also extends your tan.

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3. STQANON After Sun Facial Cream

Reduce the aging effects of sun exposure on your face with STQANON After Sun Facial Cream. Aloe, dendrobe, avocado and Vitamin E gently repair sun damaged skin, soothing the redness and avoiding peeling to maintain and restore a youthful visage.


4. Natural Tone Aloe After Sun Lotion

Natural Tone Aloe After Sun Lotion is a natural, organic skin conditioner that’s great for people who enjoy clean living. Aloe vera, coconut oil and witch hazel are just few of the reef friendly, biodegradable ingredients that nourish your tan and leave you glowing with daily use after a warm shower.


5. Hawaiian Blend Aloe After Sun Lotion

Made specifically for sun damaged skin, Hawaiian Blend Aloe After Sun Lotion is formulated with natural Hawaiian skin soothers such as kukui nut oil, awapuhi and kava in addition to aloe vera and Vitamin E, giving it a slight edge over other fast-absorbing post-sun hydraters.


6. Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter

Lightweight lotions offer quick relief, but sometimes your skin craves deep moisture. Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter is formulated with coconut oil, shea butter and avocado oil to transform sun damage and wind burns into ultra-moisturized, soft skin with a healthy glow.


7. Sun Bum Cool Down Hydrating After Sun Gel

Aloe vera and Vitamin E delivered in gel form is especially soothing for painful sunburns. Sun Bum Cool Down Hydrating After Sun Gel contains natural antioxidants, and can also be used to relieve insect bites, minor cuts/burns and other skin irritations.

[caption id="attachment_62351" align="aligncenter" width="380"]Sun Bum Cool Down Hydrating After Sun gel Image courtesy Amazon[/caption]


8. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Kona Coffee After Sun Lotion

Invigorate sun damaged skin with Alba Botanica Hawaiian Kona Coffee After Sun Lotion. Formulated with 72% certified organic ingredients, it contains coffee acids to soften skin and revitalize circulation, as well as caffeine and green tea to neutralize free-radical damage.

[caption id="attachment_62363" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Alba Botanica Hawaiian Kona Coffee After sun Lotion Image courtesy Amazon[/caption]


9. Eucerin After Sun Lotion

Clinically proven not to irritate even the most sensitive skin, Eucerin After Sun Lotion contains active ingredients to counteract the reddening and tightness caused by sun exposure. Vitamin E resists free radical damage, white the fragrance-free, lightweight formula offers fast relief.


10. Abeauty After Tan Aeterna Nourishing Body Lotion

Extra virgin olive oil, aloe, ginseng and calendula deliver a calming experience with Abeauty After Tan Aeterna Nourishing Body Lotion. Not only does this Italian-made lotion soothe and moisturize sun damaged skin, but it also fights cellulite, reduces blemishes and even stimulates weight loss.

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