Atomic Blonde: 7 Best Hair Products For Color Treated Blondes

best hair products for blondes
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* Blondes may have more fun, but it comes with a price
* Keep your blonde bright and shiny with these products
* Kick brassiness to the curb and repair damage from bleach

While coloring your tresses can wreak havoc on your hair, blonde hair coloring and the maintenance is probably one of the harshest processes you can put your hair through.

Blondes need some extra TLC with the help of products specifically designed to treat the damage that can be done by bleaching and highlighting and keep the color vibrant. We’ve found some of the best products out there that will help with the upkeep of your blonde at home when you’re in-between salon visits and repair your strands from the damage.

1. Blonde and Silver Shampoo

Blonde and highlighted hair tends to fade fast and/or turn brassy (read: unwanted yellow or orange tones). In order to cancel out the brass and keep your locks toned, a good purple shampoo is in order. Clairol Shimmer Lights Original Shampoo for Blonde and Silver hair is a color-enhancing shampoo that will brighten and refresh blonde, highlighted and silver toned hair. This is a good first step in keeping your blonde hair healthy and fresh looking. This shampoo is an ultra-conditioning formula enriched with proteins to help refresh and leave hair shiny sans residue.

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2. Dumb Blonde Leave-In Conditioner

Tigi’s Bed Head Dumb Blonde Leave-In Conditioner is full of nourishing ingredients to restore the strength that bleached and over-processed hair lacks. Once applied, this leave-in conditioner, with its lockdown technology, will help repair damage without fading the color.

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3. Miracle Leave-In Conditioner

Another option for extending the color and life of blonde hair is the It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In . Designed for all shades of blonde, this conditioner is specially formulated to meet the needs of natural and color-treated blondes. Simply spray in your hair when it needs a boost to defrizz, detangle, restore moisture and enhance highlights without leaving any dulling residues. Not only does it condition, but it also helps tone brassiness.

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4. Root Concealer Touch-Up Spray

One of the easiest fixes for overgrown roots is to use a root concealer spray. Rita Hazan’s Root Concealer and Touch-Up Spray will cover up and conceal gray hairs and soften the harsh line of root regrowth and it will stay in place until you are ready to wash your hair. Great for when you’re in between salon visits, this spray evenly disperses and adheres to give you fuller looking hair.

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5. Hair Repairing Treatment

One great new product that has finally become available to non-professionals is Olaplex. This intense repairing treatment is the at-home version of the professional product used in salons to prevent and repair breakage from coloring. This version contains the same active ingredients found in the salon version but makes it easy for at-home use. Olaplex No 3’s  patented technology relinks the broken bonds in every type of hair, offering structural repair that is noticeable with continued use. Not a conditioner, this bond builder is applied after you shampoo and condition and should left on from 10 minutes or even overnight, depending on your needs and timetable.

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6. Nourishing Treatment Mask

Hair masks are always good to incorporate into your routine regardless of hair color. However, the Redken Blonde Idol Mask Nourishing Rinse Out Treatment was made specifically for combating the damage that going blonde can do to your mane. This treatment will also strengthen, replenish, smooth and keep your hair shiny and vibrant.

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7. Shower Water Filter System

While use of all of the above-mentioned products will work to strengthen and revitalize color-treated blondes, if you are washing your hair without a proper filtration system, your hair may not reap its full effects. Aquasana’s Deluxe Shower Water Filter System  uses coconut shell carbon and copper-zinc mix to reduce the chlorine, lead, mercury and other volatile organic compounds that can be found in your water. All of these can contribute to dull hair and can actually can and worsen brassiness.

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