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This Mini Razor is a Must-Have For Summer Vacations & Frequent Fliers

* Compact women’s razor designed for travel
* Features a compact grip, five blades and the “Ribbon of Moisture”
* Comes with a compact case 

If you’re a woman who travels, you likely have a spot in your toiletry bag for your razor. After all, shaving your armpits, legs and bikini line is a daily task for most of us, whether you’re at home or travelling. But a bulky razor takes up a lot of room and it might even look suspicious to TSA agents if you’re traveling with a carry on only. Thankfully, Venus has taken notice of this and has reinvented their best-selling razor to with a pint-sized, travel-friendly option.


is an innovative new razor that’s compact enough to travel with you everywhere you go. Whether you’re headed out to the water park, on a summer vacation or on one of your biweekly business trips, this tiny razor will fit in your carry on or purse without a problem. In fact, it’s no longer than a large finger, and the case for the razor is about the same size as a bar of soap.

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Of course, size doesn’t matter to Gillette Venus, and the Snap is every bit as effective as any cartridge lady razor. This particular model features five blades with diamond-like strength. Designed to glide over your skin, these blades can shave any part of your body with ease, and your skin will stay smoother longer when compared to a three-blade razor.

In addition to powerful blades, the

also features the company’s famous “Ribbon of Moisture.” These strips sit around the blades and are activated by moisture to provide an incredibly smooth glide, preventing nicks and cuts. 

With a great grip, powerful blades and the flexible head you have come to expect from Gillette, the Venus Snap delivers a great shave on the go. Throw it in your carry on, keep it in your gym bag, or toss it your purse for last-minute touch ups and silky smooth skin wherever you are.