These Facial Tanners Won’t Turn You Orange or Make You Break Out

best facial self tanner
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* 8 facial tanners to achieve a sun-kissed look without exposure to the sun
* Easy to add to your daily skin care regimen
* Natural-looking lotions, drops, face masks and a pencil brush

Achieving that coveted sun-kissed look can be tricky if you’re concerned about the aging effects of the sun. Using a self tanner is your safest bet, but often these products can leave your skin with an unnatural orange color and/or clog the pores and trigger breakouts.

Thankfully, not all tanning products are created equal, and we’ve put together 8 of the finest facial tanners to give your skin a golden glow without that looks natural – not orange. You’ll also find a range of options for applying this new color to your face, from tanning lotions and face masks to drops you can add to your daily moisturizer. It’s never been easier to achieve a healthy glow without spending hours in the sun.

1. Golden Star Beauty Self Tanner

The Golden Star Beauty Self Tanner is ideal for achieving a healthy look without spending time in the sun. Designed for both men and women as well as all many different skin tpes, the serum was formulated using organic oils, extracts, vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid. .

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2. Tanceuticals Facial Self Tanner

If you’re looking for a fragrance-free tanner that produces an outstanding, natural look, the Tanceuticals Self Tanner is a great choice. Instead of the off-putting smell associated with the average self-tanner, Tanceuticals provides a fresh, coconut scent. The guaranteed no-streak lotion is also specially formulated to be thicker than most skin creams to account for the thinner skin on your face.

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3. Tan Towel Face Tan

Enjoy a tan in a towelette with the Tan Towel Face Tan . Forget using hard-to-apply creams and lotions and explore the advanced formula instead. Each towel is infused with a clear tanning liquid that doesn’t just give you a sunless tan, but it also keeps your skin hydrated with its anti-aging ingredients. Once you’ve applied the tanner, you can expect your sun-kissed look to appear after 2-4 hours.

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4. BB Tan Pen

Achieve a natural-looking tan with this easy-to-use BB Tan Pen by James Read. It allows you to apply the product directly onto your skin using the pen-style application brush. The BB cream inside contains a mix of skin-renewing ingredients, such as aloe vera, algae extract and hyaluronic acid. This innovative product gradually builds up a sun-kissed look with every layer of the application.

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5. Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

Designed to give your daily skin care regime a little sunny boost, the Clarins Radiance Booster will make your skin appear slightly golden and won’t irritate sensitive skin. To apply the formula, simply add the booster it to your daily moisturizer. This will gradually build natural-looking, sun-bronzed skin. The skin-enhance bronze booster is also contains aloe vera extract, natural DHA and erythrulose, which work together to keep your skin soft and prevent fine lines. 

 clarins radiance-plus golden glow booster Image courtesy of Sephora


6. Eco Tan Organic Face Water

Build a natural, sun-kissed look for your face with the Eco Tan Organic Face Water . By applying a coat of the Vitamin C-filled water every day, you will begin to notice a subtle tanning effect over your skin. This glow will begin to appear in as little as 2 days. This multifunction product also contains anti-aging and anti-acne elements to aid or replace other parts of your skin care regime.

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7. Vita Liberata Self Tanning Mask

The Vita Liberata Mask works to gradually build a radiant glow and sun-free tan with continued use. It’s is designed for use after your nightly cleansing routine and is ideal for all skin types. This odorless formula contains a blend of vitamins and other ingredients to help with sebum control and offer protection against free radicals and pollution. 

vita liberata luxury mask night moisture Image courtesy of Nordstrom


8. TAN-LUXE The Face

With the versatile Tan-Luxe self-tan drops, you can easily transform any serum, face oil or cream into a self tanner. Simply add a few drops and apply your favorite skin care product and apply as you normally would. Over time you’ll find your skin begins to look more radiant and naturally tanned. Inside these drops is a mix of raspberry seed oil, aloe vera, vitamin E and more. All of these ingredients work to nourish your skin and leave a streak-free glow.

 tan-luxe the face serum Image courtesy of Sephora