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This $25 Hack Lets You Build Your Tan While You Shower

* This lotion can be applied in the shower for a natural-looking tan
* It’s suitable for all skin tones and produces a sun-kissed glow in 3 minutes
* Plus, it’s streak-free, award-winning, simple to apply and available for $25

If you’ve ever tried to achieve a healthy and natural-looking tan with self tanning lotion, you will know the common complaints that usually accompany them. A streaky appearance, rubbing off on clothes and drastic, unnatural color changes are just a few examples. However, the St. Tropez In Shower – Golden Glow Gradual Tan claims to have solved these problems, and it’s hard to disagree with the winner of the Fabulous Awards 2016 Best Fake Tan.

St. Tropez is a favorite among beauty editors and celebs wanting sun-kissed skin without time in the sun. This particular St. Tropez in shower self tanner is the first product of its kind to be produced in the UK and works on all skin tones to give a deep, sun-kissed glow to your skin. The result is really hard to tell apart from a naturally achieved tan. Furthermore, the advanced lotion delivers an even, streak-free appearance, which won’t transfer to your clothes. It’s also near odorless. In addition, this St. Tropez lotion benefits the health of your skin as it contains sweet almond oil to deliver 24-hour hydration.

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Image courtesy of Nordstrom

The tanning process is dead easy, too. To apply the gel, you just shower as you normally would to clean your skin. After you’re squeaky clean, stop the water and apply the tanning lotion. Once you have liberal covering, wait 3 minutes before rinsing and drying yourself off. It really is that simple.

The final “deep” tan color can be achieved after just 3 days use. But, to ensure your skin stays looking tan, the lotion should be reapplied daily during your shower. If you prefer a lighter appearance, the reapplication can be changed to every other day or as desired.

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Image courtesy of Nordstrom

Forget the complicated fake tan and paying expensive prices at the local salon. This at-home, in-shower tanning lotion is easy and natural-looking, and at $25 dollars, it certainly won’t break the bank.


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