Guys, Here’s How to Have a Natural-Looking Tan All Year Long

best self tanner for men
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These days, having bronzed, healthy skin year-round is not an impossible task. You don’t have to travel to faraway places to catch some rays. Nor does it involve sneaking into a tanning salon for the most unhealthy and aging of tanning sessions. Instead, there are a ton of fantastic self-tanners for men on the market that are easier than ever to apply.

If a healthy, golden tan is what you want, then keep reading. We have found some great options that are easy to apply, don’t leave any unsightly streaks on your skin, and don’t use any harsh chemicals. Most importantly, many of these picks contain natural, organic ingredients.

These self-tanners come in a variety of formulas including lotions, mousse, or even a spray, and some include tanning mitts or gloves that will help make application a breeze. Safe for all skin types, the best self-tanners for men will help you achieve a healthy tan without that dreaded orange hue and without exposing your skin to the harsh UV rays.


1. South Bay Board Co. Organic Self Tanner

South Bay Board Co.’s Self Tanner is a vegan, cruelty-free bronzer made with only natural ingredients. This is a buildable formula that will help you achieve the exact color you desire and can be reapplied without worry to build a gradual glow that will last for up to a week. Ingredients like shea butter, green tea extract and coconut oil care for your skin while helping to support a streak-free and orange-free tan.

Pros: This tanner contains a light coconut and vanilla scent.

Cons: This formula might feel a bit greasy after application and needs some time to dry.

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2. Skinerals Californium Sunless Tanning Mousse

Skinerals Sunless Bronzer is a whipped mousse, natural tanner that applies smoothly onto the skin without any streaks or unevenness. This formula is unique as it focuses on minerals, not chemicals, to restore, pamper and protect the skin. These minerals work to promote healthy cell growth and development while managing and repairing skin for the ultimate healthy-looking tan. Great for use on both face and body, the lightweight mousse formula makes application easy while being safe for all skin types. When applied properly, you can expect a natural-appearing, consistent tan without streaks for up to seven days.

Pros: Each bottle comes with four to eight applications per bottle.

Cons: This product does contain fragrance.

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3. Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion

The Dark Tanning Lotion by Sun Labs is ideal for all skin types and has a fortified natural blend of ingredients to give you your most desired natural tan. Fast-drying, this tanner comes in three color options that will work for pale, light or medium-toned skin, giving you the ideal tan for your skin color with no orange side effects. This tanner is tinted a dark brown color which allows you to easily see where you have applied it on your skin, ensuring you have reached every single corner and it comes with a subtle cherry-almond scent to ensure a pleasant bronzing experience.

Pros: An excellent tanner and won’t leave you streaky or blotchy.

Cons: This tanner may not last as long as others.

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4. Botanic Tree Organic Sunless Tanner

Botanic Tree’s Organic Sunless Tanner is a 100% vegan formula and is made from organic, all-natural ingredients. Free of anything toxic, this natural lotion includes shea butter, jojoba, apricot, avocado, grape seed, and other powerful fruits. It is ideal for even the most sensitive of skin types, as well. Upon application, this tanner has no oily feel, leaves no orange color and is 100% streak-free.

Pros: This is a quick-drying formula and will not stain your clothes or sheets.

Cons: Application may be more difficult without a color guide.

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5. Bahama Tan Control Your Glow Gradual Self Tanner

Bahama Tan’s Control Your Glow is a unique tanner in that it easily allows you to create your most perfect shade by simply applying the lotion for one to three days in a row. This gradual self-tanner is slightly different than our other options in that it is a white lotion with no tint, made with pure, natural and organic ingredients that are perfectly blended to create a truly natural-looking tan. The ingredients include natural DHA and a patent-pending, naturally derived preservative blend along with natural and organic butters, oils and extracts to nourish and moisturize your skin which will help to extend the life of your tan.

Pros: If your tan shade is darker than desired, you can easily adjust to a lighter shade by applying regular body lotion before the tanner.

Cons: The lack of tint may make it harder to apply.

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6. Bahama Tan Organic Self Tanning Spray & Tanning Mitt

Bahama Tan’s Self Tanning Spray is an organic spray tan formula in a convenient non-aerosol bottle with a finger-pump top that is perfect for home and travel use. This spray is the same professional formula that is used in salons and made with natural, organic ingredients including olive oil, argan oil and sunflower oil that will moisturize and hydrate skin for your best tan. This formula is a level two, medium shade that is ideal for light to medium skin tones and will not streak, but will create an all-natural color for a realistic, chemical-free tan.

Pros: Easy to follow instructions are listed right on the bottle.

Cons: A spray formula can be harder to apply than a lotion.

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