6 Best-Selling Skin Care Products to Fade Scars & Stretch Marks

Best scar and stretch mark treatments
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* Highly rated skin care products to keep your skin hydrated
* List includes options to help reduce sun exposure
* When trying a new skin care regime, patience is key

While there are no hard and fast cures for scarring, you can minimize and reduce their appearance with a few key products and treatments. The same goes for stretch marks (which are essentially a form of scarring on the skin with an off-color hue), while treatments do exist to fade them, ultimately nothing will fully erase them.

However, hope is not lost as there are plenty of highly rated and effective creams that work to smooth, heal, reduce and fade these unwanted marks. Whichever treatment you choose, patience is essential when trying to heal scars and fade stretch marks as it takes time and diligence. Continue reading for some great options and hopefully find the one that is right for you.

Hannah K Gibson
3 years
These are great recommendations! I can’t wait to try them out, thanks!

Hannah K Gibson
3 years
These are great recommendations! I can’t wait to try them out, thanks!

1. ScarAway Scar Solution

Using the same technology trusted by burn centers and plastic surgeons, ScarAway helps restore raised and discolored c-section scars to a more natural color and texture. Used early and often, ScarAway helps prevent the formation of scars while protecting the area and alleviating any itching and tenderness associated with new scars. Made from medical-grade silicone technology, these adhesive sheets mimic the natural barrier function of normal, healthy skin, increasing hydration and temperature at the scar site to reduce its development, thus causing it to fade faster in a safe and healthy way.

Scar Sheet Scar AwayImage Courtesy Amazon

ScarAway C-Section Scar Treatment Strips


2. LDREAMAM Scar Repair Set – BEST VALUE

This scar repair and removal set combines two effective forms of scar management into one system that work in conjunction with each other. The first step is to apply the scar serum which acts to rejuvenate the healthy skin cells quickly, and step two is the application of the scar cream over the serum which will help the body heal the scar. Over time, this set will start to decrease the damaged skin and lighten any unwanted marks. Ideal for all types of scarring — from pregnancy, surgery, acne and minor cuts — this set works anywhere on the body and with regular use will reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Scar Treatment LDREAMAMImage Courtesy Amazon


3. Botanic Tree Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream

Botanic Tree’s Defense and Prevention cream combines high-quality ingredients to reduce and prevent stretch marks and scars. Ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado and moringa oil work to intensely hydrate the skin to prevent further stretch marks, while Centella asiatica works to decrease stretch marks. Ideal and safe for use before, during and post pregnancy, this cream also works great for those who have experienced dramatic changes in weight.

Stretch Mark Remover Botanic Tree

Botanic Tree Stretch Mark Remover Cream

$19.90 $22.90 13% OFF

4. Body Merry Super Shield Scar Gel – EDITOR’S CHOICE

Body Merry’s Scar Gel uses advanced restorative ingredients like sea kelp, epidermal growth factor, quercetin and Kakadu plum to restore, reduce and improve the appearance of old and new scars and stretch marks. These ingredients all have restoring and hydrating elements that when combined work together to restore damaged and flawed skin. This lightweight formula works for most skin types, glides on easily, absorbs quickly and can be used on the face or body. The scar gel is also great for sun and age spots, old burns, acne marks and will soften and smooth raised scars.

Scar Gel Body MerryImage Courtesy Amazon

Body Merry Super Shield Scar Gel


5. Merderma PM Scar Cream – BEST REVIEW

The Mederma Intensive Overnight Scar Cream is specifically formulated to work while you sleep. As our bodies work harder during sleep to repair and regenerate skin cells, this Mederma cream has been formulated to complement this nighttime activity to make scars smaller and less visible. Old and new scars from injury, surgery, burns and acne will all benefit from use of this cream and with nightly application, noticeable results should be seen in as little as 14 nights.

Scar Cream Mederma PMImage Courtesy Amazon

Merderma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream


6. Clarins Stretch Mark Minimizer

The Clarins Stretch Mark Minimizer is about as glamorous a lotion you can get when it comes to decreasing and reducing the appearance of stretch marks. This stretch mark and body-shaping treatment uses crowberry to help maintain skin texture and Centella extracts to help soothe and comfort the skin so it is better prepared to face the rapid changes that may occur during pregnancy, puberty or body weight variations. This highly targetted treatment will help reduce the appearance of stretch marks leaving skin smooth, supple and healthy-looking.

Stretch Mark Minimizer ClarinsImage Courtesy Amazon

Clarins Stretch Mark Minimizer Lotion


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