Lather Up with the 13 Best Shaving Soaps for Men

the best shaving soaps
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What’s old is new again in the men’s grooming world. Just think about it — several grooming trends of yore have made major comebacks, from straight razors to barbershops. Now shaving soaps are the latest to join the club. But make no mistake — shaving soaps are not the same as regular bar soaps. The best shaving soaps deliver an even closer shave by lubricating your face and facial hair to allow the razor blade to glide across the skin, sans irritation. They’ll also leave the complexion feeling deeply hydrated, never dry or tight.

In case you haven’t guessed, what sets shaving soap apart from bar soap is its formula. It has added fat, from either animals or plants like coconut oil, as well as glycerin, to give it its thicker texture, which is responsible for its lubricating and moisturizing powers. Compared to shaving gels and creams, a wet shave with the best shaving soaps can leave skin happier, healthier and better nourished. Plus, shaving soaps are great for travel and on-the-go grooming.

3 years
Frankly, I’d place Castle Forbes Shaving Cream at the top of the list. A far superior lather...

Ready to add shaving soaps to your routine? We rounded up the best shaving soaps to get you started.

3 years
Frankly, I’d place Castle Forbes Shaving Cream at the top of the list. A far superior lather…

1. The Art of Shaving Shaving Soap Refill

Always true to its name, it’s no surprise The Art of Shaving makes one of the best shaving soaps out there. It delivers an old school wet-shave experience by lathering up into a rich formula that sets the stage for a clean shave that prevents razor burn and irritated skin. Maximize this shaving soap by pairing it with hot water and a shaving brush. The formula is chock full of glycerin and coconut oil, softening the skin and hair. Its addictive scent is courtesy of a custom blend of sandalwood oils.

The Art of Shaving Shaving Soap RefillCourtesy of Amazon

2. Proraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl

Shaving and Proraso go way back. For decades, barbershops throughout Italy have stocked the local brand, but now you can get the smooth experience stateside. Even the coarsest, thickest beards are no match for their best shaving soap, which instantly softens hair. The brand’s signature “hot soap” process is used to make the formula that works into a rich, creamy lather that’s infused with sandalwood to soothe skin and shea butter to moisturize, preventing razor burn and leaving skin silky smooth. And best of all, 91% of this formula’s ingredients have a natural origin.

Proraso Shaving Soap in a BowlCourtesy of Amazon

3. Van Der Hagen Scented Shave Soap

Cocoa butter is famous for being one of the most nourishing ingredients for skin and this soap is chock full of the stuff, making it one of the best shaving soaps. The formula is designed to work for all skin types, from acne-prone to dry to sensitive. The gentle formula with natural ingredients will soothe skin while working into a luxe lather for a close shave, nixing razor burn along the way. The rich lather belies its price point.

Van Der Hagen Scented Shave SoapCourtesy of Amazon

4. Viking Revolution Store Shaving Soap for Men

Multitaskers will love that this soap works for shaving and sudsing up your face and body, making it the best shaving soap for those who like to buy only a few grooming products. To ensure it won’t run out in the shower, the bars are super-sized. A win for acne-prone skin, it clears out pores and blackheads while preventing breakouts. Ingredients from the Dead Sea deliver on detoxifying ingredients. As for shaving, it works into a lovely lather, giving off the natural scents of peppermint and eucalyptus.

Viking Revolution Store Shaving Soap for MenCourtesy of Amazon

5. Sir Hare Premium Shaving Soap for Men

Sir Hare prides itself on the fact that every shave soap is crafted by hand and packed into a container with a waterproof label that you’ll want to show off on your sink. Made exclusively with the finest ingredients, the tallow-based soap provides a great shave no matter which razor you use. Just one bar of soap brings more than 100 shaves, coating your skin in a creamy lather every time. The subtle scent of bergamot, cedarwood and oakmoss is impressively refreshing.

Sir Hare Premium Shaving Soap for MenCourtesy of Amazon

6. Gentleman Jon Sandalwood Shave Soap

Eco-friendly product lovers will line up for this completely natural shave soap. Made in the US from glycerin for a creamy lather, the sandalwood scent is old school in the best way. Just one bar will last for months, making it a very economical choice.

Gentleman Jon Sandalwood Shave SoapCourtesy of Amazon

7. Men’s Soap Company Shaving Soap

As close to natural as it gets, this vegan shaving soap works for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones, to leave skin smooth and satisfied post-shave. The thick lather gets down to business to cushion the skin, preventing razor burn and irritation. The nourishing formula includes shea butter and glycerin to hydrate, as well as soy to soothe. The mild, earthy scent is fresh and clean.

Men’s Soap Company Shaving SoapCourtesy of Amazon

8. Rocky Mountain Barber Company Store Cedar Spice Shave Soap

This Cedar Spice Shave Soap by Rocky Mountain Barber Company Store will instantly transport you to the Rockies. The 100% natural shaving soap is made in small batches and can be used with all razor types and easily works into a frothy lather. Instead of artificial fragrance, it relies on sweet orange and cinnamon leaf oil for its signature cedar spice scent. The formula has shea butter and coconut oil to naturally lubricate the skin for a smooth shave, as well as avocado oil for its skin-loving nutrients.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Store Cedar Spice Shave SoapCourtesy of Amazon

9. Col. Conk Worlds Famous Shaving Soap

Switching from an electric razor or a gel to a proper wet shave isn’t easy if you’ve never had to work up a good lather. Luckily for you, Col. Conk’s Bay Rum-scented shaving soap makes the transition pretty easy and according to multiple reviews, it’s pretty easy to work into a lather. If that weren’t enough to convince you, Col. Conk’s also includes avocado oil and vitamin E.

best shaving soapsCourtesy of Amazon


10. Henry Cavendish Himalayan Shaving Soap

Henry Cavendish’s Himalayan shaving soap is 100% vegetable-based with ingredients like shea butter and soy extract. The glycerin content on this one also aids in a pretty mild smelling soap, as well as a silky smooth lather.

best shaving soapsCourtesy of Amazon


11. Williams Mug Shaving Soap

Williams Mug Shaving Soap seems to pride itself on having a lasting lather, which, when lathered properly, will help ease you into wet shaves.

best shaving soapsCourtesy of Amazon


12. WSP Rustic Shaving Soap

Free of synthetic dyes and preservatives, WSP’s Rustic Shaving Soap is 100% vegan and promises a quick lather with plenty of “cushioning and glide.” And if you like the smell of natural tobacco, then you’ll want this one.

best shaving soapsCourtesy of Amazon


13. Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl

If you prefer the smell of sandalwood, cedar, lavender, rosemary and a hint of jasmine and rose, Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl is a must.

best shaving soapsCourtesy of Amazon


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