Lather Daddy: The 7 Best Shaving Soaps for Men

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* There is, in fact, a difference between shaving gels and soap
* If you’re using a gel out of an aerosol can, please throw it away now
* The right soap will leave your face feeling refreshed, moisturized and healthier

There’s no denying the convenience that a shave gel or aerosol cream can provide when you’re in need of a shave and don’t have the luxury of time to properly lather up. But you may be sacrificing the health of your skin for a quick shave.

Gels, while more convenient and easier to use, tend to leave your skin drier than before, and if you already have dry or sensitive skin, they will only exacerbate the situation.

1 year
Frankly, I’d place Castle Forbes Shaving Cream at the top of the list. A far superior lather...

1 year
Frankly, I’d place Castle Forbes Shaving Cream at the top of the list. A far superior lather…

Instead, try a milder, gentler shaving soap and you just might find that a proper wet shave is worth the time and effort.

1. Col. Conk Worlds Famous Shaving Soap

Switching from an electric razor or a gel to a proper wet shave isn’t easy if you’ve never had to work up a good lather. Luckily for you, Col. Conk’s Bay Rum-scented shaving soap makes the transition pretty easy and according to multiple reviews, it’s pretty easy to work into a lather. If that weren’t enough to convince you, Col. Conk’s also includes avocado oil and vitamin E.

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2. Proraso Shaving Soap In a Bowl

If you have sensitive skin, then opt for Proraso’s Shaving Soap in a Bowl. It’s chock full of skin benefiting ingredients like oat kernel extract, coconut oil and green tea, which all help ensure a close shave without causing any irritation.

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3. Henry Cavendish Himalayan Shaving Soap

Henry Cavendish’s Himalayan shaving soap is 100% vegetable based with ingredients like shea butter and soy extract. The glycerin content on this one also aides in a pretty mild smelling soap, as well as a silky smooth lather.

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4. Williams Mug Shaving Soap

Williams Mug Shaving Soap seems to pride itself on having a lasting lather, which, when lathered properly, will help ease you into wet shaves.

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5. WSP Rustic Shaving Soap

Free of synthetic dyes and preservatives, WSP’s Rustic Shaving Soap is 100% vegan and promises a quick lather with plenty of “cushioning and glide.” And if you like the smell of natural tobacco, then you’ll want this one.

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6. Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl

If you prefer the smell of sandalwood, cedar, lavender, rosemary and a hint of jasmine and rose, Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl is a must.

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7. The Art of Shaving Shaving Soap with Bowl – Sandalwood

Shipped in a teak wooden bowl that can be refillable, The Art of Shaving’s Shaving Soap with Bowl is comprised of essential oils, vitamin E and titanium dioxide, which all culminate into a “rich lather and close shave.” This one also comes with a hint of sandalwood if that’s your thing.

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