Glow From Within: The 6 Best Skin Care Supplements to Take Right Now

best anti-aging supplements
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* Aesthetic beauty has made its way into the wellness sector
* Now, skincare can be ingested–not just applied or injected
* Pick up these supplements that address multiple issues, from acne to aging

Topical skincare products are a must if you want to have good skin and avoid premature aging, but the popular catch phrase, “you are what you eat,” doesn’t just apply to diet. It’s common knowledge that drinking water and having a generally healthy diet will likely result in a better complexion, but these days, beauty and skincare brands are looking to address dull skin, fine lines, and even acne from the inside out.

Skincare brands and beauty blogs have dubbed the new trend “ingestible skincare,” or “nutricosmetics,” and there are plenty of different formulas that target specific dermatological concerns. Here are our 6 current favorites:

1. HUM Red Carpet Beauty Supplement

HUM’s Red Carpet supplements are packed with skin-enhancing omega fatty acids and vitamin E to help you glow from within. Not only does this supplement help encourage a radiant skin tone, but it also claims to help make your hair shinier–and in just 6 weeks.

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2. Fountain Phyto Collagen Supplement

While this collagen supplement may not offer the fountain of youth, it does offer a concentrated blend of high-potency anti-agers: collagen,  L-Glutathione, Wild Phytoplankton, and hyaluronic acid. While there are plenty of other oral collagen supplements on the market, Fountain’s contains hydrolysed collagen, with smaller peptides that allow for better absorption and better results.

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3. Moon Juice Beauty Dust

This edible beauty elixir contains a slew of powerful antioxidants and superherbs, including Goji berry and Ashwagandha that help internally protect your skin against free radicals and pollutants. Moon Juice claims the product also helps preserve collagen proteins, thereby helping to combat dullness, fine lines, and to improve the skin’s elasticity. Simply add a scoop into some tea, water, juice, etc. each day to reap the beautifying benefits.

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4. Murad Skin Clarifying Supplement

Murad’s Clarifying Supplement offers those with acne-prone skin an internal defense against breakouts. Ideal for those with non-cystic acne, these once-a-day capsules contain pore-refining Vitamin A and Burdock to promote a consistently clear and healthy looking complexion without having to use harsh and drying topicals.

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5. GLOW Inner Beauty Powder

Probiotics are not only good for gut health and immunity, but there’s also ample research that a healthy gut and healthy skin go hand-in-hand. The Beauty Chef’s bio-fermented superfood powder promotes a glowing complexion internally, with 24 different beautifying ingredients, including superfoods, amino acids, and plenty of probiotics to help keep collagen production functioning normally.

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6. Serovital

Serovital’s anti-aging supplement targets skin concerns like fine lines and loss of elasticity by dealing with hormonal imbalances that are often the culprit of many symptoms of getting older, from skin sagging to decreased metabolism. The manufacturer claims that this formula is clinically proven to boost levels of hGH (human growth hormone) in the blood, which may in turn promote younger looking skin, more energy, and a better mood.

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