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Wrinkle Free: The 4 Best Clothing Steamers

* Reviews for a selection of steamers that will make your clothes wrinkle-free
* Includes devices that are ideal for use at home or while traveling
* Steaming is a great alternative to ironing 

Ironing can take up a lot of time. You have to set up the ironing board and lay each item out individually. All of that can really add a lot of minutes to the chore, which is especially inconvenient if you don’t have those extra minutes to spare. Our suggestion? Try a clothing steamer instead. Not only do they work faster than irons, but they can also be used on more delicate fabrics like silk, too.

Plus, steamers tend to be smaller and lighter than irons, so they’re ideal for travel and business trips.

1. Sunbeam Steam Master

Boasting a 1400 watt heating system and a sizable stainless steel, non-stick soleplate, the Sunbeam Steam Master has everything you need to get your clothes steamed and wrinkle free in minutes. It can be used both horizontally while ironing and vertically to steam as your clothes hang. You’ll also find an 8-foot retractable cord to provide you with plenty of freedom to move around. For the more safety conscious, the Sunbeam steamer also has a 3-way motion, smart auto-off capability that turns the device off if it is left unattended or abandoned in an incorrect position.


2. Eflush Professional Handheld Garment Steamer

At just 13 inches, the Eflush garment steamer is ideal for travelers who need to keep their clothes feeling fresh and looking sharp. The lightweight device can be easily stored in your check-in luggage and can be used both as a steamer and an iron. This Eflush product also has a couple of handy features to keep you in total control. The temperature knob lets you choose your desired heat depending on the material you are steaming. In addition, a burst-steam button helps you supply an extra dose of water for tough wrinkles.

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3. Gideon Pressurized Compact Fabric Steamer

This travel-friendly fabric steamer is a great solution for those who need wrinkle-free clothing on-the-go. The compact device features a powerful 1500 watt heating system, which is capable of working on a variety of fabrics including cotton, wool, silk, satin and more. The Gideon steamer also comes with 4 removable heads: a soft brush, an SS heating plate, a lint brush and a line clip. It can provide up to 5 minutes of continuous steam time per 5-ounce water fill, while the 7-foot power cable gives you plenty of freedom to steam as you please.


4. Pure Enrichment PureSteam XL

The PureSteam XL provides a quick and easy way to get your clothes wrinkle-free like the professionals. While not the best option for frequent fliers, this upright steamer is quite convenient for use in the house. It features 1500 watts of steaming power to leave your fabrics not just smooth, but it will also help deodorize them and rid of dust mites. The water tank can hold up to half a gallon, which provides up to one hour of continuous steaming, while the included garment hanger ensures your clothes stay in place as you work. The PureSteam XL also has rolling casters and a telescopic pole to adjust the device to your preferred height. Its range of handy features make it great for around-the-house use as well as light commercial use, too.


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