The Best Sunscreen For Men (Because You Definitely Need To Be Wearing It On The Daily)

best sunscreen men
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* Sweet sunscreen options for everyday use
* Enriched formulas for serious sun defense without feeling greasy
* SPF is one of the best ways to prevent the signs of aging skin

Sunscreen shouldn’t just be reserved for the beach. In fact, studies show that daily sunscreen use can help improve your overall skin health while reducing your risk of skin cancer. Wearing an SPF is one of the best lines of defense when it comes to keeping the signs of aging skin at bay. It can help prevent dark and sun spots from forming, and will help reduce premature fine lines.

Fortunately, not all sunscreen formulas are the same and as effective. We’ve rounded up the five best sunscreen options made specifically for men—with aloe to help calm razor burn to odor-neutralizing formulas that help keep B.O. at bay, these sunscreen products do way more than just protect your skin from the sun.

1. Neutrogena Triple Protect Men’s Daily Face Lotion – BEST VALUE

This triple protect face lotion features SPF 20 to help keep your skin burn-free and help prevent signs of aging. The non-greasy formula goes on smooth and lightweight so you won’t feel greasy during the day. It also even helps calm razor burn and irritation after shaving.

Neutrogena-Triple-Protect-Mens-Daily-Face-Lotion- Image Courtesy of Amazon

2. JACK BLACK – Oil-Free Sun Guard SPF 45 Sunscreen – ALSO CONSIDER

This vitamin-enriched sunscreen has an SPF 45 for extra-extra sun protection. It’s also oil-free, making it great for those prone to breakouts or those sensitive to some sunscreens. It’s also a sweat-resistant formula, so it will help wick up sweat to better coverage during sweaty outdoor workouts or beach days.

JACK-BLACK-–-Oil-Free-Sun-Guard-SPF-45-Sunscreen- Image Courtesy of Amazon

3. Banana Boat Sunscreen for Men – ALSO CONSIDER

This triple defense formula contains a unique odor-neutralizing ingredient that not only helps prevent dreaded B.O. while protecting you from the sun at the same time. Another bonus? It also makes you smell great too.

Banana-Boat-Sunscreen-for-Men- Image Courtesy of Amazon

4. Anthony Day Cream Sunscreen – EDITOR’S CHOICE

This broad-spectrum sunscreen is ideal for all skin types—from oily to sensitive and everything in between. With SPF 30 and a mix Vitamin E and skin-hydrating hyaluronic acid, it helps moisturize your skin while also protecting it from future damage.

Anthony-Day-Cream-Sunscreen- Image Courtesy of Amazon

5. NIVEA Men Energy Lotion Sunscreen – BEST REVIEWED

This NIVEA brand is fast-absorbing and is very lightly fragranced, so you’ll be protected from the sun’s harmful rays and you’ll also smell fresh too. Because it only uses SPF 15, this is best used as an everyday sunscreen and may not be the best choice if you’re heading directly to the beach.

NIVEA-Men-Energy-Lotion-Broad-Spectrum-SPF-15-Sunscreen- Image Courtesy of Amazon

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