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His & Hers: 9 Beauty Products to Share With Your S.O.

* 9 best unisex skincare products
* Skin solutions that work for him and her – with neutral scents
* Upshot: Medicine cabinet space struggles resolved

As gender roles have become more fluid, it was only a matter of time before personal care products followed suit. What was once a category delineated by “men’s products” or “women’s products” has slowly given way to non-gendered products.

It makes a lot of sense: A great eye cream or deodorant doesn’t discriminate. And in practical terms, the struggle for space in the medicine cabinet will certainly be diminished if you both love the same moisturizer.

Here, find the 9 best unisex beauty products for skincare men and women are both raving about – something you and your S.O. can judge for yourselves when you start getting ready in the morning together.

1. Nivea Replenishing Post Shave Balm

If you’re a woman reading this, you may be wondering how shave balm made it to the list. But many intrepid beauty adventurers have discovered that Nivea’s Replenishing Post Shave Balm works incredibly as a makeup primer, thanks to its skin smoothing and calming properties.

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Image Courtesy of Target[/caption]


2. Pure Biology Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Tired, dehydrated skin around the eyes affects everyone, so go dutch on a bottle of Pure Biology’s highly effective eye cream. It features the company’s proprietary Fision Lift ingredient blend, to instantly firm, tighten, lift and brighten the under eye area, while Baobab Tien promotes long-term revitalization. The neutral looking tube works whether you’re taking this in your gym bag or purse.


3. Philosophy Renewed Hope In a Jar Moisturizer

The triple blend of AHAs and a lightweight, whipped formula that delivers major moisture without feeling greasy might just make this your most fought-over med cabinet item. Suitable for all skin types and for all areas of the body.


4. Giorgio Armani Him and Her Lip Care

Created specifically for men and women, Giorgio Armani’s lip balm is packed with emollient oils, beeswax and squalane to protect and nourish your lips and your partner’s lips too. Expect intense moisture and soothing properties, while gelled oils provide a creamy, melting texture with a natural glow.

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Image Courtesy of Nordstrom[/caption]


5. Peter Thomas Roth Blue Marine Algae Mask

Turn your next night-in together into a skin-renewing tandem spa experience with Peter Thomas Roth’s luxuriously hydrating and clarifying facial mask. The scent is fresh and cool — not overly flowery nor musky — making it easy to indulge together.

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6. Aesop Spray Deodorant

This aluminum-free deodorizing spray is formulated with 11 essential oils that naturally neutralize underarm odor. The alluring vetiver scent doesn’t overpower, and isn’t stereo-typically male or female.

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Image courtesy of Nordstrom[/caption]


7. Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow

Revive tired skin with Charlotte Tilbury’s color-adapting tinted moisturizer. The hydrating formula self-adjusts to your natural skin tone for a soft-focus glow that’s not shimmery and completely gorgeous. It helps even out complexion and provide a nice “tan.” A tinted cream also helps accentuate defined features, slim the face and sculpt the jawline. Just don’t call it a bronzer.

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8. Kiehl’s Since 1851 Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Never go to bed angry, and never go to bed without applying a good eye treatment. You’ll both wake up to brighter, more refreshed looking by way of the pure botanical oil blend infused with vital nutrients to enhance skin’s nighttime recovery.

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Image Courtesy of Nordstrom[/caption]


9. CK All Eau de Toilette

From the label that started it all in the 90s, CK All is the latest generation of the brand’s non-gendered fragrances. A well-rounded blend of woodsy amber and florals that’ll please any nose.

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