Not All Wash Cloths Are Created Equal: Here Are The Best To Get

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Whether you like having a new washcloth in the shower every day, or want something that looks and feels luxurious to use when guests are staying in your home, the world of washcloths has a surprisingly wide range of options.

From quick-drying microfiber washcloths, to baby-sensitive approved organic washcloths, we’ve got you covered on which version of the bathroom essential should be in your linen closet.

1. Bondre Microfiber Washcloths

No more wondering whether you’re using an old washcloth. The Bondre Microfiber Washcloths make it fun and easy to remember to use a new washcloth each day, with the colorful set of seven cloths embroidered with each day of the week. The nonabrasive microfiber washcloths are quick drying and soft on your face, while also strong enough to be used around the house for cleaning purposes, adding value to the fun product.

Microfiber Face Towels Washcloths

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2. Channing and Yates Organic Baby Washcloths

You don’t need to have a baby to make Channing and Yates Organic Baby Washcloths a great addition to your bathroom. The ultra soft organic bamboo and cotton blend washcloths are ideal for anyone with skin sensitivities, including psoriasis and eczema, as well as people looking for an absorbent and quick-drying washcloth. Boasting antibacterial and hypoallergenic characteristics, it’s no wonder Channing and Yates Organic Baby Washcloths are among the best-reviewed online.

Channing and Yates Organic Baby Washcloths

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3. Living Fashions Washcloths

The Living Fashions Washcloths set comes with eight, brightly-colored popcorn-textured terry cloth washcloths that softly exfoliate your hands and face. Our team loves the washcloths’ soft and absorbing texture and that they still feel new even after multiple washings.

Living Fashions Washcloths

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