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This Hair Brush Actually Helps Your Wet Hair Dry Faster

* This hairbrush speeds up the hair drying process to save you time
* Absorbent microfiber bristles remove water from your hair as you brush
* Less drying time and lessens the amount of damage from heat styling and blowouts

Hair care regimens take up a lot of time, so any step that knocks off a few minutes from your daily routine is always welcome. For those with longer or thicker hair, the hair drying process is a real time drain – and blowing it out from wet to dry can take up to an hour. However, with the Goody QuickStyle Paddle Brush, you can combine brushing and drying to speed things up and lessen the amount of damage to your hair from heat styling and blowouts.

The brush looks quite similar to the average paddle brush until you notice the fatter-looking microfiber bristles between each of the “normal” bristles. These bright blue and highly absorbent bristles are able to dry your hair as your brush, allowing you to do two jobs at once.

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This Goody brush is designed for use right out of the shower, and prevent breakage from brushing with a standard hair brush or comb. As you get to work detangling your hair, the brush removes any excess water right away. After you’ve finished, your hair will be ready for its finishing touches or some light blow drying action. 

In addition, for anyone worrying about mold or mildew, each of the microfiber bristles has antimicrobial properties that keep unwanted growth at bay. The paddle brush also sports an ergonomic handle to ensure you remain in control as you work your way through your hair. Take back those minutes lost on your daily styling routine and enjoy the ability to do two jobs in one with this multifunction paddle brush.