Fade in: The Bevel Trimmer Brings Professional Barber Quality to Your Home

The Bevel Trimmer Puts a New
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* Battery gives up to five hours of cord-free trimming
* Ergonomically designed and weighted for perfect feel
* Built-in blade alignment dial 

The Bevel Trimmer not only brings home the power and precision of barber shop quality tools, but adds some unique and innovative features as well. While there are many electric shavers and trimmer combinations on the market at a wide variety of price points and with all kinds of attachments and extras, the Bevel Trimmer stands out as a professional quality piece.

Its battery is strong enough to supply five hours of trimming, not that you’d need to use it all at once, but you could, and the battery’s output wattage means there’s no loss of power; the Bevel Trimmer works just as well whether or not it’s plugged in.

Bevel Trimmer


One of the most irritating aspects of using most trimmers is the difficulty of adjusting the blades, something the Bevel Trimmer deserves credit for getting around with an innovative solution. It uses a small but easy-to-reach metal dial to quickly align the blades to a zero gap position. No outside tools required, and it doesn’t rely on flimsy plastic parts that will inevitably get gummed up.

The Bevel Trimmer’s blades repel oil and dirt and the housing is designed for easy cleaning. But one of the most important features of a good trimmer is also rarely found on the spec sheet: balance. The Bevel Trimmer excels at this. It is nicely weighted and allows for natural, precise and fluid movements, giving you the sense that someone with real experience and passion had a hand in the Bevel Trimmer’s design.

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