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More Blades = a Better Shave? BIC’s EasyRinse Anti-Clogging Razor Is Proud to Debunk the Myth

BIC EasyRinse razors offer a close, clean shave without the common annoyance of clogging. This patented technology, the first of its kind, features a reverse razor and anti-clogging technology that prevents discarded hair from getting in the way of a close shave.

The new razor, which is currently available at retailers such as Amazon and Walmart, promises to provide a quicker, smoother, and hassle-free shave with each use without excessive rinsing or cleaning between each swipe.

Challenging the thought that more blades are better, BIC took four years of scientific development to offer consumers a reverse blade design with two times the amount of skin contact compared to a standard four-blade razor. The BIC EasyRinse also features 30% more space between its blades, allowing for 160% better water flow, effectively giving users a better shaving process overall.

Along with four years of development, the BIC EasyRinse intends to position itself as one of the best razors on the market. BIC’s revolutionary EasyRinse razor holds a total of 21 patents for its easy-to-rinse blade and shaving head. All of these newly patented specs come coupled with seamless head rotation, making the BIC EasyRinse perfect for use anywhere on the body.

Right now, the razors, available for men and women, come in 2 or 6-count options at Amazon or Walmart, retailing between $7-$9.

BIC’s EasyRinse anti-clogging men’s razors are made with titanium-coated blades for a close and comfortable shave with long-lasting use. Made for all skin and hair types, each shaving head is equipped with aloe vera and vitamin E lubricating strips for smooth shaving. The precision edging blade additionally helps reach hard-to-reach areas on all parts of the body, including the face and other sensitive areas.

The pivoting head of the BIC EasyRinse anti-clogging women’s disposable razors offers a smooth shave without irritation. It works effortlessly on all hair types and features longer-lasting titanium-coated blades, along with dual lubricating strips enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E to soothe skin.