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Here’s Why Women Are Using This $15 Men’s Aftershave On Their Bikini Lines

* The Era Organics Aftershave is marketed to men but loved by women
* The organic and natural ingredients prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs
* This aftershave is safe to use on all skin types, even around the bikini line

Era Organics is a family-owned skin care company. Their swanky aftershave serum is naturally marketed to men, but if you take time to look at the Amazon reviews, you’ll notice something a little different. About half of the reviewers are actually women. Why? These women are using the

on their bikini lines to prevent razor burn and bumps.

This aftershave is specifically formulated to be extra nourishing. It uses natural and organic ingredients, like ginger root, burdock root, black walnut and white oak bark extract, to keep skin healthy after every shave. Because it’s not loaded with cheap chemicals and useless filters, it can be used on every type of skin, even the delicate layer found around the feminine bikini line.

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The gel can be applied after every shave to exfoliate the skin and therefore prevent ingrown hairs. In addition, the gentle astringent works to fight blemishes and acne as well as soothe inflammation and those annoying red bumps. The ingredients even go one step further by deeply moisturizing the application area, ensuring your skin gets healthier and stronger with each and every use.

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The entire Era Organics line is proudly made in the USA, and this aftershave is paraben free, sulfate free and non-toxic. In addition, Era Organics offers a 60-day “love your skin or your money back” guarantee, so go ahead and try it. You’ll be surprised how flawless your bikini line can look.


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